Spring Musical


Thursday, March 4 - 2:30  PM (MATINEE)
Friday, March 5 - 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 6 - 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 7 - 2:00 PM (MATINEE)
Monday, March 8 - 2:30 PM (MATINEE)
Tuesday, March 9 - 2:30 PM (MATINEE)
Wednesday, March 10 - 7:00 PM




Book by Rupert Holmes, Music by John Kander and Fred Ebb, Lyrics by John Kander and Rupert Holmes

It is 1959 at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, where a new musical called "Robbin' Hood!", a western version of Robin Hood, is reaching its conclusion. Faded film star diva Jessica Cranshaw as Madame Marian, joins the cast in singing the finale of the show, during which it is clear that Jessica can neither sing, dance, nor act. She takes her bow and, after receiving two bouquets, collapses behind the curtain. 

It is up to Lt. Frank Cioffi, a police detective who moonlights as a musical theater fan, to save the show, solve the case, and maybe even find love before the show reopens, without getting killed himself. 

  • Lieutenant Frank Cioffi: The central character, a Local Boston detective who is also very interested in musical theatre. Aside from being exceptionally good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer. 
  • Niki Harris: Pretty, naïve ingénue. Niki is Jessica Cranshaw's understudy in the show-within-the-show during its Boston tryout. She is eager to make her Broadway debut. 
  • Georgia Hendricks: Female half of songwriting team. Ends up taking on the leading lady role of the show-within-the-show.
  • Carmen Bernstein: The show's brassy producer, unhappily married to Sidney and Bambi's estranged mother. 
  • Aaron Fox: The composer of the show-within-the-show. His songwriting partner, Georgia, is also his ex-wife from whom he's separated but still loves.
  • Bobby Pepper: The choreographer and male star of the show within the show. He is Aaron's charming rival and the current boyfriend of Georgia.
  • Christopher Belling: English director.
  • Bambi Bernét: Performer in the chorus and daughter of Carmen, the lead producer. Hungry to work her way up to leading performer; she has a contentious relationship with her mother, who insists on calling her by her real name, Elaine. She changed her name to Bambi because in the Disney movie, hunters kill Bambi's mother.
  • Daryl Grady: A theatre critic for the local Boston newspaper, the Boston Globe. He enjoys using the power he has to make or break shows during their out-of-town tryouts.
  • Johnny Harmon: The Stage Manager of the show-within-the-show.
  • Oscar Shapiro: The general manager and sole investor. An agreeable if slightly gruff man. He is always looking for any angle to find money.
  • Sidney Bernstein: The co-producer of an out of town flop. 
  • Jessica Cranshaw: Fading Hollywood star. A diva, who has no right to be one, she is a terrible singer, dancer and actress who stars in the show within a show and is murdered on its opening night.
  • Sasha Iljinsky: The European conductor of the show within the show.
  • Randy Dexter: One of the male ensemble actors of the show within the show.
  • Harv Fremont: One of the male ensemble actors of the show within the show, Randy's sidekick.
  • Detective O'Farrell: Cioffi's associate from the Boston Police Department, assists in the investigation.

Lieutenant Frank Cioffi - LORENZO CURRAN
Niki Harris - KATY TIMMONS
Georgia Hendricks - JAYNA KIDD
Carmen Bernstein - ANNA RILEY
Aaron Fox - DAVIS CHEN
Christopher Belling - BEN SCHWARTZ
Bambi Bernet - LONDON SELAH
Johnny Harmon - SARAH HENDRY
Oscar Shapiro - AIDEN HUMASON
Sidney Bernstein - JOSEPH MATHEWS
Sasha Iljinsky - JULIE KUBES
Randy Dexter - JOHN WEIGERT
Harv Fremont -
Detective O'Farrell - 

Ainsley Kershaw
Amanda Earp
Arabella LaFond
Ava Rogaliner
Bailey Wiegert
Emily Kronenberger
Grace Ford
Gretta Weich
Jada Nwigwe
Jessie Ruby
John Wiegert
Joseph Norman
Julia Kubes
Kaelyn Denney
Kathryn Bell
Lexi Melancon
Lucas Whitley
Mai-Vi Oberski
Noah Sorenson
Sam Brockette
Sofia Myers
Sofia Ramirez


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