The Blackfriars Guild

The Blackfriars Guild of Bishop Lynch High School is an organization which gives students an opportunity to participate in good theater, be it on stage or behind the scenes.

The Blackfriars offer three theatrical productions each year - a fall play in November, a musical in February/March, and a play in April. Class credit is given to students who participate in any of these three productions ~ 1/2 credit for performers and tech crew members.

Auditions are required in order to be a cast member. Classes meet during the school day for the fall and spring plays, and on weekends for the musical. Times and dates are announced.

Each performer is required to pay a small ($40) costume rental fee. All costumes are provided and remain the property of Bishop Lynch High School.

For more information on any Blackfriars production, please contact Terry May.

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  • History of the Blackfriars Guild

    On Tuesday, November 19, 1963, the first meeting of the Blackfriars Guild was held in the cafeteria. Father J.D. Reynolds, O.P. began the organization with a small group made up of John Ganter, Hugh Kohler, Bill Tomlin, Rick Boeglin, Frank Shemek, Larry Bires, and Bob Ruble.

    The first production took place in the spring of 1964, Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology. It was performed as a dramatic reading, with a simple set, cafeteria tables for headstones and a scrim with the silhouette of a willow tree serving as the setting. The student body, consisting solely of freshmen and sophomores, served as the first public audience for the performance, and the Blackfriars Guild was on its way.
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Drama Department

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Drama Course Offerings

Technical Theater
Technical Theater (Crew)
Theater Arts I
Theater Arts II
Theater Arts III
Theatre Production

Blackfriars 2018-2019 Season

THE ARSONISTS by Max Frisch will be  the fall Blackbox production. The play is a study of a tepid society that refuses to question obvious exploitation. Performances will be November 7-17, 2018 in the Blackbox Theatre.
The Blackfriars spring musical is MAME, A classic musical based on the novel "Auntie Mame" by Patrick Dennis and the play "Auntie Mame" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Mame Dennis's eccentric, bohemian lifestyle is interrupted when her late brother's son is entrusted to her care. But rather than adopt to any societal standards about child rearing, money-making and romance - Mame does everything with her own dramatic flair. Performances will be February 22 – March 3 in the McGonigle Theatre.
The 2019 spring play will be SENSE AND SENSIBILITY based on the novel by Jane Austen. It tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne as they come of age and move with their widowed mother from the estate on which they grew up to their meagre new home. Performances will be held in the Blackbox Theatre beginning April 3 and running through April 13.

Musical Auditions
  • Auditions for the Blackfriars Spring Musical are scheduled in October. Students have the opportunity to sign up for their preferred audition time.
  • Audition materials are made available during the two weeks prior to auditions. Students are asked to pick up copies of the music and lines for the part in which they are interested.
  • On the day of the audition, students are called in groups of 6 or 7. If a student is auditioning for the chorus he/she will be allowed to sing with the group. 
  • If a student wishes to audition for a lead role, he/she must sing alone.
  • All students will read lines from the script. Students auditioning for lead roles should familiarize themselves with lines for that character.
  • Lead roles are usually assigned after the initial audition; however if there is a need for callbacks, students will be notified.
  • All supporting roles are assigned once the rehearsal process has begun. 

Before the Auditions
  • Acquaint yourself with the musical - eaither read the script, watch the movie, or attend the show. Your audition will be better if you are familiar with the part you want.You will be confident and have a better audition.
  • BE ON TIME! Arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled audition time, but be aware that sometimes auditions run earlier/later than expected. 
  • Dress appropriately. Dress in good taste. Be comfortable in your attire so that your audition exudes confidence. Use common sense when dressing for an audition - dress in clothing that does not restrict movement.
  • Come warmed up. Rise early, sip warm (not hot) water with lemon and honey, stretch, vocalize and breathe. Early auditions can be a challenge, but you can conquer them with a good attitude. Avoid caffeine, dairy, energy drinks, soda and heavy foods. 
During and After Audition
  • Look and act confident as your enter the audition space. Watch your posture. Slouching and shuffling indicates a lack of self-confidence. 
  • Sing with expression, volume and energy. 
  • Keep stage movements simple and unencumbered. Don't try to stage the scene, but be familiar with the lines of the scene you are auditioning with. 
  • ?After your audition, smile and say "Thank You."
  • Present a good attitude. Accept an part you are offered as an oppoortunity to grow and learn.