It's an exciting time for Bishop Lynch High School!  

Welcome to the 2022-23 Online Technology Orientation for Bishop Lynch High School.  This series of videos will help you set up your laptop for use at Bishop Lynch High School.

Please use the laptop you'll be using at school for the Online Technology Orientation (if it's available).

The Online Technology Orientation is now live!  Check your email.  Students in Summer School or Friar Readiness need to complete it before school starts.  START WITH THE INTRODUCTION VIDEO below.

Special note if you've purchase a new Windows 11 laptop: When you first turn on your new device, it will ask for a Microsoft login.  Please do not use your school-issued email address (ending for this account.  Create your own, personal, Microsoft account.  The reason for this is that Bishop Lynch doesn't own your personal device; you need your own Microsoft account for your own device. 

The Spring of 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic and resulting switch to an eLearning platform taught us many things.  One of which we can address during this orientation.... even if we have no reason to believe that you’ll need to use these remote learning 
technologies, we’d like to have you download and test them now, when it’s not time-sensitive or critical to your learning.  If you need them, they’re ready to go for you.  If not, they aren’t hurting anything. 
Links from the Online Technology Orientation Videos
• Respondus Lockdown Browser is required (
• Antivirus and Antimalware are both required and must have current definitions and be scheduled to run regularly (at least weekly)
These vendors offer free versions of their products, but you can use any package you like.  Premium versions, available at modest cost, are strongly recommended.
• MalwareBytes:

Other links:
update Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):



If you need help, after watching the videos, please contact

You can also book a support slot on:


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