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Welcome Back to a New School Year at Bishop Lynch!

Welcome Back to a New School Year at Bishop Lynch!

By Chris Rebuck

We start this new year with such an impressive set of expectations for continued growth, success and joy for each one of our students and staff. We have done so much preparation and planning at the start of this new journey as we embrace taking new steps toward our future selves.

As with any journey – physical, spiritual or metaphorical, it is a great practice to take stock of what we may need along the way and to have a firm vision of what our destination will be. For nearly 300 new students (freshmen and transfers), this will be their first introduction to the Friar Family and the BL Way which is a special and unique invitation to join our community as we walk together toward a shared vision of the future. Our returning students must also ready themselves for the next steps on their Friar journey as they move closer to completing high school and leaving home for the first time to live and lead in new communities on campuses of colleges and universities all over the world.

We focus our efforts for this journey on the four pillars of the Dominican spirituality which outline our profile of a student at graduation from Bishop Lynch. Just as we pack for any journey, let us consider how we carry these invaluable tools of prayer, study, service, and community this coming year. We will need to keep these supplies close at hand in order to navigate and illuminate the road ahead.

So, it is on our journey of faith as well which lasts well beyond our time together in these halls on Ferguson Road. Our faith calls us to put our trust in a future that is not yet realized. We too must take stock of the tangible ways our faith is calling us to prepare ourselves for this spiritual destination in ways that will transform how we pray, study, serve, and build community. It is so impactful to know that we take up this work of preparing and traveling together, side by side as we accompany each other in living lives to love God and to love others.

Here’s to the journey, Friar Nation! Let’s have a great year.