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Celebrating BL’s Academic Rigor and Growth This Semester

Celebrating BL’s Academic Rigor and Growth This Semester

By Rachele Piazza

It is my responsibility and pleasure to regularly visit classes and observe firsthand the teaching and learning that is taking place at Bishop Lynch High School. Each week, I send a Friday reflection email to the faculty and staff recognizing the inspiring work I see in the classrooms.

Our faithful, caring and dedicated faculty are implementing the latest technology and learning methods to deliver the best classroom instruction to our Friar students. Students are engaged in their learning and making great strides toward their academic goals.

The following is a sampling from this semester’s Friday reflection emails highlighting some of my favorite learning activities and assessments:

  • During an English II class, the teacher was going over the norms of a Harkness discussion. This was the students’ first discussion in this setting. One of the norms was reminding the students of their own self-awareness so they can contribute to the conversation appropriately. The teacher used the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to further explain the reason and importance of the Harkness discussion norms. What a joyous way to see faith and our curriculum aligned.
  • The fingerprint lab in Forensics was very interesting. The students had to analyze fingerprints and match them to the correct type. The students did well on the assessment because they were actively engaged in the learning process.
  • The Robotics class conducted a Battle of the Bots competition. It was a lot of fun seeing the learning that has taken place over the semester come together in a moment of friendly competition.
  • In Biology class, the students were looking at human cheek cells in the microscope. They swabbed their own cheek cells and were able to view and analyze their results. It was rewarding to hear the students and teacher communicate, problem-solve and work toward a desired result.
  • In Geometry class, the teacher provided the students with guided notes. The students successfully followed along as the teacher was introducing a new topic. They were also engaged in the lesson because they had to actively participate in order to understand and follow the new material.

Thank you for your support of Bishop Lynch High School academics. I look forward to finishing this semester strong.