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Catholic Education: A Sound Investment

Catholic Education: A Sound Investment

By Jaynie Poff

As we wrap up Catholic Schools Week, I want to take the opportunity to thank our families for their investment in a Bishop Lynch Catholic education. Catholic education has long been regarded as a valuable investment in future generations, providing students with strong moral and ethical guidance, as well as a quality academic education. It offers a unique approach to learning that combines academic excellence in a faith-based environment.

Our faithful, dedicated and caring employees have a long history of providing quality instruction and developing a sense of values, ethics and spirituality in our students. These values are imparted through religious instruction, prayer and service.

Bishop Lynch promotes belonging and the importance of understanding different cultures which helps our students develop a global perspective. This helps students build a more tolerant, respectful and open-minded view of the world. In addition, BL also emphasizes the importance of service and volunteerism, teaching our students to be generous and selfless, which can help them develop important skills and values that will serve them well later in life.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s also important to consider the financial benefits of investing in a Catholic education. BL provides a secure and nurturing environment allowing our students to focus on their studies and reach their highest potential.

BL offers rigorous academic programs, dual-credit courses and advanced placement courses. Studies have shown that students who attend Catholic schools are more likely to do better on standardized tests and, as a result, have higher graduation rates. In the BL 2022 graduating class, 100 percent of the students were accepted to college, earned more than $30 million in academic, fine arts, leadership, and military scholarships, plus 5,400 dual-credit hours valued at $4.8 million. Based on a study by Business Insider, Catholic high school graduates earn a statistically significant 13.6 percent wage premium over their public-school counterparts. This could indicate that there are significant differences in unquantifiable aspects of school quality that may affect earnings later in life.

Overall, investing in a Catholic education is an investment in the future. From the academic and formational benefits to the financial savings and greater sense of security, it’s an investment that can pay off for years to come.

We appreciate you for choosing Bishop Lynch as an investment partner for your most valued asset.