Sense and Sensibility, novel by Jane Austen that was published anonymously in three volumes in 1811 and that became a classic. The satirical, comic work offers a vivid depiction of 19th-century middle-class life as it follows the romantic relationships of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.
Sense and Sensibility tells the story of the impoverished Dashwood family, focusing on the sisters Elinor and Marianne, personifications of good sense (common sense) and sensibility (emotionality), respectively. They become destitute upon the death of their father, who leaves his home, Norland Park, to their half brother, John. Although instructed to take care of his sisters, John is dissuaded of his duty by his greedy wife, Fanny. The family—which, in addition to Elinor and Marianne, includes their mother and a younger sister—moves to Barton Cottage in Devonshire. There the open and enthusiastic Marianne meets Colonel Brandon, a staid and settled bachelor 20 years her senior. Although he expresses an interest in Marianne, she discourages his attention and instead becomes infatuated with the attractive John Willoughby, who seems to be a romantic lover but is in reality an unscrupulous fortune hunter. He deserts Marianne for an heiress, and she eventually makes a sensible marriage with Colonel Brandon. 

Sense and Sensibility

Benjamin Schwartz - 1st Beadseller
Jeff Truitt - 2nd Beadseller
David Villarroel - Steward
Lily Donald - Miss Ffoliot - Ffoulkes
Audrey Clay - Christina Grant
Ethan Green - Smith
Helena Lykke - Louise
Eamonn Geraghty - Dr. Bessner
Helen Hall - Kay Mostyn
Beau Mills - Simon Mostyn
Zachery Hogue - Canon Pennefather
Ryan Gerron - Jaqueline De Severac
Luke Lane - McNaught

Stage Managers:
Anabella Mesa
Thede Anmbrose
Avery Vaughan
Mai-Vi Oberski
Amy Olvera