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New Beginnings 

As we enter a new school year, Bishop Lynch faces a situation with our student body that is unique in our 57-year history. Over 50 percent of our student population has not experienced a full school year without amended schedules or muted Friar traditions due to the pandemic. Freshman, sophomore, and transfer students will have the opportunity to embrace the full participation of on-campus learning and activities for the first time in their high school experience. We look forward to this opportunity to more-fully welcome students to be a part of the action and energy that makes our school and student-life so vibrant.

Along with this unique characteristic about this year, we are hopeful that the start of any new year will be accompanied by a sense of anticipation and hope of new beginnings for all. The life cycle of school lends itself to this seasonal approach to renewing our passions and discipline around this pursuit of growth and formation. Granted, we never really take a break from growth and formation, but we do embrace the start of a new school year with the gusto of new year’s resolutions and newly articulated goals about how we envision our paths of self-discovery over the 180-day period of school. One of the greatest beliefs at Bishop Lynch is that there are opportunities for growth and formation in everything that is placed in our paths whether that occurs in the classroom, mentor time, passing in the hallways, performing spaces, cafeteria, etc. So, as we consider the new beginnings of this year and the restored opportunities for a much fuller engagement in all things Bishop Lynch, we open ourselves to the great learning and growth that God has intended for us. Even in the embracing of continued uncertainty, we can find our opportunities to see a new beginning, take a new approach, or adopt a new attitude toward the inevitability of change in our lives.

I am so excited to welcome everyone back next week. The new beginning of this year gives me great hope that you all will embrace the challenge of growth ahead of us this year.  I pray daily for your path to be illuminated by Truth and that your pursuits here on this campus will be inspired by the desire to know yourself more fully and know where your unique gifts and talents might align with the world’s greatest needs. 

Peace and Blessings,
Chris Rebuck  



Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963