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Student Leaders Learn Essential Dialogue Skills

Bishop Lynch High School is working with Essential Partners to offer dialogue training to BL student leaders. The partnership kicked off Oct. 1 with multi-day virtual training sessions for student leaders of the BL Belonging Board, the BL House System and for the inaugural Veritas Board*. 

These sessions focused on helping our student leaders learn to express their opinions and hear differing opinions while engaging one another in a respectful manner. Student leaders will, in turn, coach other students on campus in these real-world conversational and connectivity skills. 

Jill DeTemple is a religious studies professor and department chair at Southern Methodist University, and she was one of the Essential Partners facilitators for the BL training.  Dr. DeTemple taught our Friars to speak and listen with intention, ask curious questions, and converse using reflective and structured techniques.  

She was impressed with the students’ immersion in the process and their visions for how dialogue should look at Bishop Lynch. 

“At the end of the day, the students want to make sure that the school community is having honest conversations with one another. They really want everyone on campus to have a voice,” said Dr. DeTemple.  

Bailey Wiegert is a BL senior and the Siena House chaplain. She attended the dialogue training and found significant benefits to the new skills she acquired.  

“The dialogue training is definitely something I will continue to use for the rest of my life. We are the world's next leaders, and this training creates a mature way for us to approach situations like this,” said Bailey. 

Watch (and listen) for more on dialogue training and its positive effects on our campus community. 

*Next week’s issue of Friar Facts will provide an introduction of the Veritas Board, BL’s new select leadership council. 


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