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Mr. Guillermo S. Rios

My name is Guillermo S. Rios, and I am very humbled to be part of the Hispanic Heritage Celebration at Bishop Lynch High School.

I currently teach AP Spanish Literature, AP Spanish Language/ Culture, and Spanish II. I also teach classes at Dallas County Community College (El Centro) and the University of Texas at Arlington. 
Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. I grew up in a close-knit family; my parents and relatives were my role models. In particular, my aunt, Angelica. She was a Spanish teacher at a local High School in Jalisco, Mexico. As a kid, I saw her passion for teaching and her dynamism during her conversations. She was always very excited to teach, and she still has a contagious energy that draws people to her. I would say that my life took a similar path. Having such a good role model in my upbringing helped me define my career, and her tremendous energy always motivated me to continue learning and help others by sharing knowledge.
After I graduated from UTA with a Bachelors in Business and a concentration in Spanish, I had the amazing opportunity to do a study abroad program in Spain. This program changed my entire life. It was there that it became clear that I was meant to be a teacher. I wanted to teach my native language and culture to future generations. After living in Spain for two years, I moved back to Texas and started my Master's degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature.

During the Master's program, I became a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and I was teaching college-level courses in the morning and going to school at night. It was hard, I have to admit, but it was all worth it because I learned different techniques to be a good instructor and my passion for teaching grew even more.

Taking a linguistics class opened my eyes to so many topics that now are my favorite to teach. Thanks to all these linguistics and culture classes, I can teach different elements of the Spanish language. If you were to visit or take one of my classes, you would learn things like; why Spanish people lisp when they speak and learn about different cultures like the students that float on barrels to get to school in south America.  
I like teaching Literature because it helps us explore life in different areas, and at the same time, it can help us understand other cultures. One of my favorite topics in the literature class is "the ancient civilizations of America," especially the Aztec empire. Students have the opportunity (in AP Spanish Literature class) to read authentic pieces of poetry and stories from this period from authors like Netzahualcoyotl and Hernan Cortes. Another captivating reading is the signals that the Nahua people saw in their environment before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. According to Aztec tradition, the Nahua people had 10 different signs that warned them of the imminent fall of the empire at the hands of the Conquistadors. It is fascinating for me to read a completely different language like Nahuatl and translate it into Spanish and English. This section of my class inspired me to take an online course to learn to speak the Nahuatl language (the indigenous and native language from Mexico).

What does Mr. Rios do in his free time?

If I have any free time, I like to spend it being productive. Most of my students know that I have a show dog, Gianni. He is currently a champion dog under the American Kennel Club. This activity requires a lot of practice and preparation. It took me one and a half years to make Gianni a champion and now we’re setting our sights on the Grand Championship. 

Another activity that I enjoy is traveling. When you travel, you get the opportunity to meet different people, learn languages, and experience cultures. I have been privileged to travel to countries like; France, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Mexico. My favorite country was Morocco where I got to spend 5 days hiking the Sahara Desert with the Berbere Tribes and spent 4 nights sleeping in the desert under the stars.

I also enjoy painting. I always liked to paint and draw, but I never really had the time to do it. During the 2020's quarantine, I was able to explore this hobby again. I enjoy abstract painting and newer movements like Artificial realism.

I hope this helps you to get to know me a little better and have more insight into who I am, what I do, how I became a teacher, and how my past has shaped my future. Feel free to stop by my room (150) anytime and tell me a little about yourself and your passions!


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