Friars in the House: Angelico Senior Angling to be House System’s No. 1 Fan

Blake Casner is a Bishop Lynch High School senior who’s very involved in a wide range of campus activities and has big plans for his future. Blake is the captain of both Angelico House and the men’s varsity soccer team. He’s a Bishop Lynch Ambassador and the president of Best Buddies.
Blake is also a huge proponent of the BL House System and is eager to share why he’s an early adopter of this paradigm shift for student alignment.
“Thanks to the BL House System, I’m seeing more camaraderie and spirit on campus. There’s more cheering and chanting and we’re all working for the Dominican Cup,” Blake said.
Blake acknowledges that the first year of the house system involves a bit of experimenting with mentor group activities and content. His favorite mentor time activity is going out on the football field with his group to let off a little steam. Blake recognizes the importance of regular mid-day brain breaks that mentor group time provides.
“We don’t always have to do big events during mentor group time. It’s really the small things that matter, like making space for personal connections with other students and staffulty.”
To Blake, that means playing games, sharing ideas and offering advice to younger Friars.
Blake was recently on a panel with other high school students talking to eighth graders at All Saints Catholic School about the high school selection process. When it came time to talk about spiritual formation on the BL campus, Blake touted the new BL House System.
“I really see the BL House System as a differentiator. No other school on the panel had a unique program like ours on such a large scale,” said Blake.
Blake plans to attend Stanford University next year and he’s proud to be in the inaugural House System leadership group.
“I can see the freshmen learning from the seniors. Seniors have a lot of experience to share with underclassmen, but we really didn’t have a means to facilitate that interaction in the past. The BL House System is a great way to get us all working together.”
Blake loves the Dominican Cup aspect of the house system, and he anticipates the competition being fine-tuned in the future. He’d love to see the standings become more academic-based rather than just participatory. Blake also suggests incorporating more real-world life courses like how to pay taxes and get insurance into house time.
Thanks Blake!
Implementing a house system at Bishop Lynch High School was a big, bold move to improve pastoral care, mentorship and student leadership opportunities. Now that the BL House System is underway, it’s time to check in on the progress and hear from deans, mentors, student leaders, and students.
This weekly series provides a glimpse into all the ways – big and small – that students, and even staffulty, are being positively affected by the new BL House System. It will also address plans for growth and refinement during year one.
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