Learning Center

The Learning Center at Bishop Lynch

The Learning Center is a resource for students with documented learning differences as well as for students experiencing academic difficulties.

Each year Bishop Lynch welcomes a diverse student population into our college preparatory environment.  In an effort to foster continued academic growth in all students who meet our admissions requirements, including those with formally diagnosed learning differences and ADD/ADHD, BL provides academic assistance based on the resources available within our curriculum.  We are not able to accommodate students whose learning differences require special education or curriculum modifications. 

At the beginning of the admissions process, parents are required to share with BL information regarding their child’s learning disability and/or ADD/ADHD and the results of any psycho-educational testing, including a current diagnosis, no later than the date of the student’s interview at BL. Full and current documentation should be on file prior to the student’s enrollment at BL. Doctors’ notes do not satisfy the documentation criteria. During the summer prior to the school year, parents should submit a copy of the full psycho-educational documentation to the Learning Specialist. Preferred delivery is a fully legible scan via email to shannon.byrne@bishoplynch.org. The Learning Specialist will contact parents in late summer to set up a meeting with both the student and parent in order to write an Accommodations Plan.


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    Shannon Byrne 

    Learning Specialist
    (214) 324-3607 x4171


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  • What services does the Learning Center offer?

    • Processing of documentation for students with learning differences in order to set up Accommodations Plans for the classroom.
    • Processing of applications for extended time for PSAT/SAT and ACT
    • Parent support in determining if students need outside testing for learning disabilities or ADHD
    • Working with teachers and Guidance Counselors to address academic difficulties experienced by BL students
    • Extended time testing by request in the LC for midterm/final and classroom tests.
  • What is an Accommodations Plan?

    BL offers various accommodations to students with learning differences;  they are based on the type of disability and need. Accommodations Plans are distributed to classroom teachers and may include but are not limited to:
    • Preferential seating near the teacher
    • Testing in the Learning Center
    • Extended time on final exams
    • Extended time on classroom assessments at the teacher's discretion 
    Curriculum content and volume may not be modified in regular classes.

    Modifications are built into the Essentials curriculum and no further modifications are available. 
  • What is appropriate documentation?

    Documentation should meet the following criteria:
    1. State the specific disability, as diagnosed.
    2. Be current (less than three years old).
    3. Provide relevant educational, developmental, and medical history.
    4. Describe the comprehensive testing and techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis of the disability (including evaluation date(s) and test results with subtest scores from measures of cognitive ability, current academic achievement and information processing.
    5. Describe the functional limitations supported by the test results.
    6. Describe the specific accommodations requested and state why the disability qualifies the student for such accommodations.
      1. Establish the professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification and area of specialization.
  • What are Essentials classes?

    Essentials classes are designed to give students more time to complete class material.
    Freshman levels of Algebra are double-blocked and meet every day. Other Essentials classes are single blocked and meet every other day. BL offers Essentials classes in: 
    English I- IV
    Algebra I-II
    Spanish I-II
  • What is Summer Enrichment?

    Summer Enrichment classes may be required of students whose records indicate a need for remediation prior to entering ninth grade. Factors that may be considered for Summer Enrichment placement are low grades, low test scores (3 or less on any single subtest) and/or transition from a non-traditional educational environment. The decision to attend Summer Enrichment is determined during admissions season.
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT Extended time applications

    Students who wish to apply for extended time or other accommodations for college entrance exams must meet specific requirements. Students must
    *have a current documented learning difference/physical disability on file in the LC
    *have an Accommodations Plan on file in the LC
    * have a verified history of using the accommodations
    *apply to the College Board and ACT in a timely fashion (Deadlines are available in the LC and are approximately 2 months before the desired test date)


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