Driver’s Education is offered during the Summer at Bishop Lynch. The Summer Session begins June 3, with classroom instruction for 2 hours a day for 3 weeks. The classroom phase consists of 32 hours, with an additional 14 hours of Behind the Wheel beginning after the classroom phase is over. In addition, there will be one day that instruction will take place on Saturday. This date will be determined once classroom instruction has begun.

The total cost for the course is $500.00.

Behind the Wheel is offered during the Summer Break following the completion of the classroom phase. Students will sign up for Behind the Wheel drive times during the classroom phase. By state law, attendance is mandatory in order to receive a driver’s license. No more than two absences are allowed, and these absences must be made up. An additional 20 hours of drive time must be completed with a parent before the final certificate is issued. The form will be given the first day of class with instructions for the student and parent. If a student does not show up for their scheduled driving time, a $25 fine will be assessed. Please keep your assigned time.

Students will need a Texas Department of Public Safety Driver’s Handbook, which can be picked up at any DPS headquarters.

Please read all information on the Student Enrollment Contract; sign and return the payment form along with your check or Money Order made out to Bishop Lynch, or MKS information for BL students, to Bishop Lynch c/o Andy Zihlman.

Andy Zihlman
Driver’s Education Instructor
TEA School #CO989

Items Required to Participate In Driver's Education

Students will need to obtain the following:

  1. Certificate issued by Bishop Lynch after 6 hours of classroom instruction. 
  2. VOE Attendance Form (BL students from BL receptionist desk. Non-BL students get from the school where you attend.) 
  3. Two forms of identification (original birth certificate and social security card.) 
  4. Parent must accompany the student to the DPS (Department of Public Safety—Driver’s License.)
LICENSE (6 months after receiving the permit, unless 18 years old)
  1. Certificate after completing driving phase from BL. 
  2. VOE Attendance Form. 
  3. 30 hours verification of Behind the Wheel (log with parents packet received by students the first day of class.) 
  4. Proof of insurance.
  5. Parent must accompany the student to DPS.
Students sign up for their drive time during class.  First come based on receiving their permits.  Drive times are every 2 hours (7-9 am, 9-11 am, 11-1 pm, 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, or 5-7 pm during school and only 5-7 pm after school.)

Want to take a practice permit test?  Click Here

Please keep your scheduled driving time or you may be assessed a $25.00 fine.

Online Traffic School and Defensive Driving Courses

Improv Traffic School –TX Driver Improvement Course
(800) 660-8908

Interested in Online Adult Drivers Education?

Adults interested in online driver's education can receive a discount through I Drive Safely, a leading provider of online driver's education when using the link below. A portion of the proceeds benefits Bishop Lynch High School. >register now
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