De Porres House
St. Martin de Porres
Feast Day: November 3rd
Died in 1639
Canonized in 1962

Martin de Porres, even as a child, gave his heart and time to the poor. When de Porres was 12, he worked for a barber-surgeon where he learned how to cut hair and learned the art of medicine. After becoming very skilled in medicine, de Porres applied to be a lay helper with the Dominicans. He did not feel like he was worthy enough to be a religious brother. After years of nursing the sick, working in the kitchens, distributing money to the poor and prayer, de Porres grew to be a Dominican lay brother. 

De Porres is known for his love and care for all people. No matter the race, wealth, or how bad a situation, De Porres would always help, even welcoming the sick into his own home. Later in life, de Porres opened up an orphanage for children and slaves. De Porres was great friends with St. Rose of Lima, the matriarch of the Lima House. 

Patron Saint of Barbers, Public Health Workers, Innkeepers and those seeking racial harmony

Lori Rodriguez

Billy Clark
Michelle Longoria
Lindsey Matvey
John Searson
Lauren Shirley
Ron Steiner
Mattie Benningfield - House Captain
Evie Trent - House Vice-Captain
Zosia Staniunas - House Chaplain
Ann Thomas - House Historian
Sarah Theodore - House Engagement Coordinator

Nico Barbero - Senior Rep
Katie Blomberg - Senior Rep
Cooper Childress - Junior Rep
Sarah Theodore - Junior Rep
Ann Thomas - Junior Rep
Terrance Coleman - Sophmore Rep
Lyric Berry - Sophmore Rep

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    De Porres

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