CSW Poster Exhibition 2021

Bishop Lynch High School is honored once again to host this year’s Catholic School’s Week poster exhibition. This year due to the pandemic the exhibition is virtual.

The Theme of the 2021 Catholic Schools Week Virtual Poster Exhibition is Faith, Excellence, Service.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Check out the video montage below and view each grade level gallery.

List of 8 items.


    First Place - Camila Valdez, St. Pius X, “In Times of COVID”
    Second Place -  Melanie Cendejas, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, “CSW Poster”
    Third Place - Adrian Sanchez, St.Pius X, “Jesus Rises”
    Fourth Place - Nayla Alejos, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, “CSW Poster”
    Honorable Mention - Aleyda Flores, St. Mary of Carmel, "Untitled"

    First Place - Santiago Covarrubias, Good Shepherd Catholic School, “We are Followers of Christ”
    Second Place - Rachel Mathis, St.Mark, “Faith, Excellence, Service”
    Third Place - Zoe drees, James L. Collins Catholic School,” Faith to Excel and Serve”
    Fourth Place - Nate Pearson, St. Thomas Aquinas, “Catholic Schools are out of this World!”
    Honorable Mention - Kian Rojas, St Joseph Catholic School,” Faith, Excellence and Service”

    First Place - Adrian Mendoza, St. Pius X, “The Fruits of the Spirit”
    Second Place - Eriana Delgado, Holy Family Catholic Academy Irving, “The Catholic Flowers”
    Third Place - Angel Mendoza, St. Pius X, “The Holy Church”
    Fourth Place - Imani Tyler, All Saints Catholic School, “Among Us”
    Honorable Mention - Denatte Woldu, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, “Catholic Schools Week”

    First Grade - Nguyen, St Joseph Catholic School, “Blooming in God’s Faith” 
    Second Grade - GIA EUSEPPI, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, "Stand Out' Society"
    Third Grade - Massimo F., Prince of Peace Catholic School, No title
    Fourth Grade - Anna Gilmoore, St. Patrick School, “Walking Up To Excellence”
    Honorable Mention - Fiona Cuellar, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, "Untitled"

    First Place - Laura Ordaz, Holy Family Catholic Academy Irving, “Prayer”
    Second Place - Luca Sabogal, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, "Uplifting"
    Third Place - Grace Olivier, St. Mark, “Faith, Excellence, Service”
    Fourth Place - Laura Reyes, St.Patrick, “Living a Life of Faith”
    Honorable Mention - Caitlin M., Prince of Peace Catholic School, "Untitled"

    First Place - Quiomar Orea, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, ”Jesus”
    Second Place - Lucy F., Prince of Peace Catholic School, "Untitled"
    Third Place - Bao Vu, St Joseph Catholic School, “The Lord’s Excellence “
    Fourth Place - Perla Martinez, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, “Peace”
    Honorable Mention - Hilary Torres, Good Shepherd Catholic School, “We Are in God's Hands”

    First Place - Daisy Romero, Holy Family Catholic Academy Irving, “Nurse”
    Second Place - Clara Trelford, St. Patrick, “God"s Love Is Everywhere”
    Third Place - Darby Baines, St. Thomas Aquinas, “Faith”
    Fourth Place - Carson Gottschalt, St.Mark, “Faith, Excellence, Service”
    Honorable Mention - Alan Ramirez, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, “CSW Poster”

    First Place - Thea Abssy, St Joseph Catholic School, “Faith, Excellence and Service”
    Second Place - Jacob Fields, Holy Family Catholic Academy Irving, “Out Of This World”
    Third Place - Nathaniel Kolb, Bishop Dunne Catholic School, "Greatness at Bishop Dunne"
    Fourth Place - Mallory Marones, St. Pius X, “Faith and Learning”
    Honorable Mention - Christian Barrientos, Good Shepherd Catholic School, “We Grow in Faith”
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