Angelico House 
Blessed Fra Angelico 
Feast Day: Feb. 18 
Died in 1455 
Beatified in 1982 
Guido di Pietro grew up in a small Italian town where he wanted to follow Christ’s example and develop his talent for painting. At 18, Guido joined the Dominican order as a religious brother. Religious brothers are called “Fra” in Italy and are often given new names. 
Guido’s religious name was “Fra Giovanni,” and he served his community by painting beautiful religious art like manuscripts and altarpieces. When the religious community saw his art, they declared he painted like an angel. Thus, he became known as “Fra Angelico.” 
Fra Angelico prayed that God would guide his hand and that his paintings would inspire others to grow closer to God. He became very famous and painted holy figures, angels and even saints on the walls of the chapel of Pope Eugenius IV and then Pope Nicholas V. His work can be found in churches and museums around the world. He is considered one of the best fresco painters of the century. 
Patron Saint of Catholic artists

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