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Welcome to the Bishop Lynch High School Alumni Association website! Formed in 1978, the BL Alumni Association consists of over 10,000 members - anyone who has attended BL can be a member of the Alumni Association. We hope that you will find this site helpful for staying informed of upcoming events and activities.

Alumni Success Spotlight

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  • Virtual Homecoming

    Happy BLHS Virtual Alumni Homecoming! It has certainly been an unprecedented start to the school year, but we are thankful for the virtual opportunities available to connect with and celebrate our alumni community.
    We have missed hosting our alumni on campus and cannot wait for the day we can be reunited with you! Until then, we received help from some student leaders on campus to show you how Bishop Lynch has transformed. Click below and enjoy your virtual tour of our campus!

    Check out a few blasts from the past alumni videos!

    Our Alumni Mass kicked off the virtual homecoming week!
    Alumni Mass
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  • Leigh Zimmerman ’90 - Breast Cancer Survivor

    There's no question about it, Leigh Zimmerman ’90 lives life to the fullest. In 2010 at 39 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After finishing cancer treatment, Leigh found bravery in changing her life by purchasing a house and changing her job. She started volunteering with the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Central Texas where she has cultivated many friendships with other women fighting breast cancer. Leigh also took up distance running in 2016 and went from never running at all, to running both the Houston and Austin Marathons. She started hiking and has completed both the Salkantay Route to Machu Picchu in Peru as well as trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

    Leigh is looking forward to turning 50 in April and plans to spend her 50th year running a 50k ultramarathon, hiking to the summit Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa in August, and cramming as much laughter, sunsets, time with loved ones, experiences, and cultures as she can. 

    Congratulations Leigh on all of your impressive accomplishments and keep inspiring others to live life to the fullest! 
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  • Tess O'Leary ’10 - Bone Marrow Donor

    This summer, Tess O'Leary ’10 donated around 5 million stem cells to her Dad to help fight his MDS diagnosis. Now, Tess is raising awareness about bone marrow transplants and how you can help be the match. 

    "Earlier this year my Dad was diagnosed with MDS, an aggressive pre-leukemia which has been attacking his bone marrow. The only known cure for MDS is a complete bone marrow transplant using stem cells from either an unrelated donor, a sibling, or a biological child. After several months of blood tests, doctor appointments, and multiple daily injections, I was able to donate 5 million stem cells to him today (8/31). In the coming weeks, his bone marrow will be completely wiped from his system and replaced with my stem cells which will promote new and healthy bone marrow growth. It’s been an emotional and physically painful time, but it feels incredibly rewarding to be able to help him in an otherwise completely helpless situation!

    Throughout this process, I’ve realized how desperate the need for bone marrow donors is (especially since the onset of COVID-19). If you can, please sign up to be a donor (link below). You might never get the call, but if you do, you literally have an opportunity to save someone’s life. Trust me, it’s worth it." 

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Alumni Pledge

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  • Nov

    For The Love Of The Lake Clean Up

    Our spot is located at 4600 W. Lawther Dr, just south of Mockingbird Lane. Let's help keep our beautiful community clean! 
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    Kelsie Flemister 

    Alumni Director
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The Alumni Development Office uses a variety of print and digital media to share news about the school and upcoming events. We encourage you to keep your contact information updated by contacting Kelsie Flemister, Alumni Director.
Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963