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Welcome to the Bishop Lynch High School Alumni Association website! Formed in 1978, the BL Alumni Association consists of over 10,000 members - anyone who has attended BL can be a member of the Alumni Association. We hope that you will find this site helpful for staying informed of upcoming events and activities.

Alumni Success Spotlight

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  • Tess O'Leary ’10 - Bone Marrow Donor

    This summer, Tess O'Leary ’10 donated around 5 million stem cells to her Dad to help fight his MDS diagnosis. Now, Tess is raising awareness about bone marrow transplants and how you can help be the match. 

    "Earlier this year my Dad was diagnosed with MDS, an aggressive pre-leukemia which has been attacking his bone marrow. The only known cure for MDS is a complete bone marrow transplant using stem cells from either an unrelated donor, a sibling, or a biological child. After several months of blood tests, doctor appointments, and multiple daily injections, I was able to donate 5 million stem cells to him today (8/31). In the coming weeks, his bone marrow will be completely wiped from his system and replaced with my stem cells which will promote new and healthy bone marrow growth. It’s been an emotional and physically painful time, but it feels incredibly rewarding to be able to help him in an otherwise completely helpless situation!

    Throughout this process, I’ve realized how desperate the need for bone marrow donors is (especially since the onset of COVID-19). If you can, please sign up to be a donor (link below). You might never get the call, but if you do, you literally have an opportunity to save someone’s life. Trust me, it’s worth it." 

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  • Tim Mathews ’87 - National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

    Congratulations to Tim Mathews ’87 who was awarded the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Award. The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level.  

    Tim has shown exceptional achievement in his career that makes his community very proud. He continues the Eagle Scout values as a professional, mentor, volunteer, parishioner, and above all, a loving husband and father. His exceptional long-term commitment to the Boy Scouts of America and Eagle Scout traditions exhibits a sterling example for others to follow. He has displayed high qualities of competence and initiative in many fields of work and his arduous efforts to help others excel are evident from various recognition. Beginning with his father, a Troop Committee Chair, his family lives the scouting ways; with two Eagle Scout brothers and now his own two sons in scouting. His son, Joseph, Class of 2021 just earned his Eagle Scout Rank. Tim is that sterling example of what a Scouter / Eagle Scout must carry. 
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  • Matt and Kathy Nevitt '73 working on the front lines of COVID-19

    Matt and Kathy Nevitt '73 took their Friar spirit to the front lines of COVID-19 volunteering to administer CDC COVID-19 tests to Cistercian monks. Kathy has been a nurse at Cistercian for several years and Matt joined her to help administer tests. 

    Thank you Matt and Kathy and to all of our alumni who are spreading their Friar love and helping in any way they can!
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