Bishop Lynch High School proudly honors our Alumni who have served.

*Alumni who died while serving in our nation’s military.

Year Name Branch
'66 Richard Armstrong Army
'66 Joan Lynch Bell Army
'66 Dale Lawrence Army
'66 Charles McConathy Army
'66 Christopher Rankin Navy
'67 Gregory Aaron Air Force
'67 Anthony Colgin Army
'67 Richard Crawford Army
'67 Robert Murphy Army
'67 Anna Flores Ohlson Navy
'67 Phillip Paschal Air Force
'67 Patrick Sweeney Navy
'67 Kenneth Wetsel Army
'68 James Harwood* Army
'68 Joseph Starr Army
'69 Janet Rasmussen Hargrave Army
'69 Steven Nugent Air Force
'70 Bruce Eckenrode Air Force
'70 Thomas Paschal Air Force
'70 Michael Rasmussen Air Force
'70 Roy Smith Army
'71 Patrick Rupel Air Force Reserves
'71 George Wiley Army
'72 Maria Ferrer-Miralles Army
'72 Daniel Gordon Army
'73 John Jackson Air Force
'74 Bruce Lenzer Air Force
'74 Andrew Vidales Coast Guard
'75 Gregory Ahern Navy
'75 Charles Jackson Air Force
'77 Thomas Shircliff Air Force
'78 Thomas Murphy Army
'78 Anthony Robledo Army
'79 Paul Koenig Marines
'79 Peter Weyrens Navy
'80 Alton Scott Marines
'81 Michael Lutz Marines
'81 John Post Navy
'81 Juan Quintana Air Force
'82 Christopher Cormier Navy
'82 Michael Potter Navy
'83 Monica Rochester Active-Coast Guard
'83 Daniel Condon Air Force Reserves - retired
'85 Steven Ramos Active-Reserves-Marine Corps
'85 Steven Ramos Active-Reserves-Marine Corps update
'85 Mark Holub Air Force
'85 Laura Bailey Pierce Army
'86 Paul DiBiase Marines
'86 Adam Tamez Army
'87 Jesse Chavoya Marines
'87 Todd Figura Air Force
'87 Harold Mathews Army
'88 Gregory Campbell Army
'88 Gabino Martinez Marines
'88 Meshanda McKenzie Army
'89 James Moon Navy
'90 Todd O'Brien Active-Marines
'92 Alexander Seguin Active-Air Force
'92 Samuel Forston Marines
'92 Helena Lynch Navy
'93 Daniel O'Connell Active-Reserves-Air Force
'93 Luis Parilli Active-Army
'93 Annie Burke Wildes Active-Air Force-Husband
'93 Apolinar Bustos Marines
'93 Jason Carlock Coast Guard
'93 Roderick Hunter Army
'93 Michael Lynch Army
'93 John Teal* Air Force
'95 Ves Whittemore Active-Navy
'96 Bernardo Barbero Active-Army
'96 Hector Collazo Active-Air Force
'96 Amy Ragan-Copeland Air Force
'97 Cheryl Tellini Chowning Active-Air Force
'97 Jefferson Seguin Active-Air Force
'98 Jeramie Broadway Active-Air Force
'98 Joseph Seguin Active-Army Reserves
'98 Lawrence Eraso Army
'98 William Fine Air Force
'98 Joshua Taino Army
'99 Phillip Damuth Active-Navy
'00 Chadwick Danielson Active-Army
'00 Janae Marotta Grant Active-Army
'00 Robert Lynch Air Force
'01 Mark Joseph Navy
'01 Joseph Veasley Navy
'01 Joseph Veasley Navy
'02 Amanda Rodriguez-Smith Active-Army
'02 Jacob Wiley Active-Army
'02 Wesley Wilk Active-Army
'02 Courtney Tomasz Navy
'03 Patrick Cahill Active-Marines
'03 Aaron Cheek Active-Navy
'03 Christine Gargan Active-Navy
'04 William Gonzales Active-Air Force
'04 Stephen Martin Army
'05 Brian Dayman Active-Army
'05 Jordan Knight Active-Army
'05 Ashton Vaughan Active-Navy
'05 Kerry Glennon Army
'05 Jacob Rochester Navy
'07 Melanie Arden Active-Navy
'07 Stephanie Stanford Travis Active-Air Force
'07 Krista Mann Navy
'08 Patrick Mueller Marines
'10 Daniel Love Active-Navy
'10 Christopher Mears Active-Navy
'10 Jeffrey Mann Air Force
'11 Alexander Carrier Active-Marines
'11 Zachary Frank Active-Navy
'11 Emily Boyson Sysko Active-Coast Guard
'13 Jacob Chavira Active-Army
'13 Taylor Endres Active-Army
'13 Mikhail Llauder Active-Air Force
'13 Martin Ramon Active-Army
'14 Christina Harris Active-Army
'14 John Huntress Active-Navy
'14 Alexander Krakosky Active-Navy
'14 Benjamin Veler Active-Army National Guard
'15 Kendall Graser Active-Navy
'16 Francesca Farlow Active-Coast Guard
'17 Rhiannon Townsend Active-Air Force
'18 Caleb Veler Active-Army National Guard
'19 Katherine Hammonds Active-Navy


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