Tuition & Financial Assistance

At Bishop Lynch, we understand the challenges most families face when financing a private education and preparing for the expenses of college.  To help meet these financial demands, we strive to provide an outstanding secondary education at a reasonable cost and offer a number of payment plans and financial aid opportunities.


2019-2020 Tuition & Fees**
Tuition Balance Payment Options
Enrollment Fee* paid online
10th-12th due 2/20/19
Incoming freshman due 3/28/19
Plan A-
due 5/31/19
Plan B-
one-time credit card payment
due 5/31/19
Plan C-
11 Months via ACH
(June ‘19-April ‘20)
9 $500+$500 tuition deposit $18,000 $18,000 $18,540 $1,636.36
10 & 11 $500 $18,000 $18,000 $18,540 $1,636.36
12 $500 $18,000+$300 Sr Fee $18,300 $18,849 $1,663.63

*International students have an enrollment fee of $7,500.
**The community inclusive meal program is included in the cost of tuition.  This provides breakfast and lunch during school days.
NOTE: A fee will be applied on late payments.
Plan A – Cash 
  • 1 payment due by May 31, 2019 
  • Check, cash, or money order
Plan B – One-Time credit card payment
  • 1 payment due by May 31, 2019 
  • Credit cards are accepted with a 3% processing fee
Plan C – Monthly Installments via ACH drafts
  • 11 payments from June 2019-April 2020
  • Payments processed every 15thof the month or next business day
  • Set up fee of $100.00
  • ACH Tuition Enrollment Form must be received by March 28, 2019
Payments made and forms submitted to the Business Office Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 4 pm

Tuition rates for the following academic year are typically announced late January. You can estimate a tuition increase of approximately 4%-6% annually. After the new tuition rate is announced, re-enrollment for current BLHS students will open and must be completed by the given deadline. 
Please direct any questions or concerns to Ilia Preza x 4104 or Thank you! 

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  • Financial Aid

    Financial assistance is based on the parents' financial need as determined by FACTS and reviewed by a financial aid committee. Deliberations of this committee are confidential, and all decisions by this committee are final and binding. Maximum assistance offered from scholarships and financial aid combined does not exceed 1/2 of a student’s tuition. 
    Regrettably, BLHS is not able to meet the financial aid needs of all students who apply. All decisions are made on a year-by-year basis. There can be no assurance that a student receiving financial assistance in one year will be offered financial assistance at a comparable level, in any subsequent year.

    Financial assistance notification/denial letters are emailed only to financial aid applicants whose forms were completed by the deadline, February 14, 2019. Forms received subsequent to the deadline, or incomplete applications will be reviewed if aid becomes available; late/incomplete, and second-round applicants will only be notified if they are granted aid. Financial assistance must be applied for EACH school year.

    The FACTS financial aid application for the 2019-2020 school year is now open. We encourage all of our families (and potential families) to apply. Potential students may submit an application even before receiving their acceptance to Bishop Lynch. In order to be considered for financial aid, below is a list of the required documents for Bishop Lynch High School:
    • 2017 Tax return
    • 2017 W-2s/1099s
    • 2018 W-2s/1099s
    To be considered for Bishop Lynch financial aid, applications must be completed with FACTS by February 14, 2019. This means your documents must be uploaded by this date in order for FACTS to have enough time to verify your documents and change your application status to complete. The Financial Aid Committee will not review incomplete applications. We welcome families to start their application early so when the February due date comes around all you have to do is upload your 2018 W-2s to complete your application.

    Please direct any questions or concerns to Betsy Arciniega x 4104 or
  • How to Apply for Financial Aid for 2019-2020

    Step 1: Select Applicant Sign In, and pay $30 Application fee.
    Step 2: New Users select Create an Account OR Returning Users enter their existing Username and Password.
    Step 3: Refer to the FACTS Checklist below.

    If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the Trouble signing in? link to retrieve your existing username and password. If you are unable to retrieve your username and password continue as a New User and click on Create an Account.
    Once you have signed in, you will have the ability to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application online. If you need assistance or have questions, contact FACTS customer care at 866-315-9262.
    Please direct any questions or concerns to Betsy Arciniega x 4104 or
  • Diocesan Financial Aid

    The Diocese will also review your FACTS application and their requirements and deadlines are different. Attached below are the requirements and deadlines to be considered for Diocese financial aid:

  • Tuition Payment Options for 2019-2020

    Review the following tuition funding options carefully.  It is the responsibility of the financially responsible party to ensure all deadlines are met. 

    • Plan A – One-time payment-Check, Cash** or Money Order 
      Check/Cash**/Money Order – Payment must be received by 5/31/19.  Cash must be exact change.

      **Bishop Lynch High School must submit Form 8300 to the IRS for receipt of any cash or money order for tuition payment of/or equal $10,000 or more. Please be prepared to submit a Social Security Number and a form of I.D. for reporting purposes. Further information can be found here and here. 
      Your Tuition Solution – Payment from Your Tuition Solution must be received by 5/31/19. A 3rd party loan option with 24-84 month extended payment plans. Visit, or download their brochure or info sheet for more information.

    • Plan B – One-time payment-Credit Card 
      Payment must be received by 5/31/19. The transaction will incur a 3% processing fee

    • Plan C – 11 Months via ACH Debit
      ACH debit from checking or savings – ACH Tuition Enrollment Form must be submitted by 3/28/19.  11 monthly payments 6/17/19 thru 4/15/20.  The annual enrollment fee of $100 will be debited (separately) with the first month's tuition payment on 6/17/19.  The senior fee will be rolled together with the tuition if they are not paid by May 31, 2019.  If you are currently enrolled in the ACH program, you will be automatically enrolled for the 19-20 year.  If you choose not to fund via this option for the next school year, it is the financially responsible party’s responsibility to contact the Department of Tuition to cancel this option.
    • Download ACH Tuition Enrollment Form
      ACH Tuition Enrollment Forms must be returned by May 28, 2019, to the Department of Tuition via mail, scanned to or faxed to 214-327-8242.

    • Payments made and forms submitted to the Business Office Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm.
  • Funding Deadlines

    Funding by the deadline reserves your student(s) course schedule(s) for the 2019-2020 school year.  Failure to meet the tuition funding deadline will result in the deletion of the student(s) course schedule(s); Schedules will then be made available to transfer students.  In order to add the student back to the roster and re-create a schedule, a non-refundable tuition late fee of $500 will be collected.
  • Individual Scholarship Funds

    There is not a separate application for BL scholarships. All students that complete the application process are considered for all scholarships available to students.

    Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Admissions Committee. Consideration is based on, but not limited to, the student’s ISEE test scores, record of academic success, conduct, leadership, and citizenship. Certain academic scholarships are awarded to students meeting the financial need requirement based on the FACTS application on file.

    Approximately $181,650 (average award per student $2,163) was awarded in scholarships to the freshman class for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Scholarships and financial aid notification letters will be sent no later than March 8, 2019.
  • Scholarships Available Exclusively To Entering Freshmen

    There are many scholarships available only to incoming freshmen. Some scholarships are automatically renewable through senior year, and some are given one time during freshman year. Scholarship criteria is based on the following, but not limited to: ISEE test scores, academic success, conduct, leadership, citizenship, parent alumni, service, attendance, financial need, etc. 

    Financial Need as evaluated by FACTS is a requirement for most scholarships.

    • Walter Highest Academic Award
      No application necessary/$5,000 one-time to top academic students/Nonrenewable/No financial need necessary/Typically 4 offered each year

    • Merit Scholarship
      No application necessary/$2,250 per year/Renewable/No financial need necessary/Based on placement test scores/Typically 30 offered each year

    • Opportunity and Achievement Award
      No application necessary/$2,000 per year/Renewable/Financial need required/Students must be from a Diocese of Dallas Catholic Grade School/Typically 35 offered each year

    • President’s Award
      No application necessary/$2,500 one-time/Nonrenewable/No financial need necessary/Typically 70 offered each year

    • Grant Kille Technology Merit Scholarship
      No application necessary/$1,200 per year to one student/Renewable/No financial need necessary/Must achieve above average score on placement test, and have a strong interest in Technology

    • Dominican Heritage Award
      No application necessary/$1,200 per year to one student/Renewable/No financial need necessary

    • St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Award
      No application necessary/$1,000 one-time to one graduate of St. Thomas/Nonrenewable/Significant contributions made by student to school & community through academics, citizenship and service.

    • Sister Dorice
      No application necessary/$1,000 per year to one student/Renewable/Financial need required/Awarded to entering freshman whose parent is BL alumni.

    • Cardillo Scholarship
      No application necessary/$1,500 one-time to one graduate of St. Monica/Nonrenewable/Outstanding, well-rounded student with exemplary moral behavior.

    • The Patricia and Anthony Marotta Memorial Scholarship
      No application necessary/Financial need required/Awarded to entering freshman from St. Pius X.
  • My Kids Spending

    Welcome to, your portal for managing and funding your student's on-campus spending. 

    From the campus bookstore to the cafeteria or a quick stop between classes at the school snack shop, (MKS) works with schools across the country, helping parents better manage, control, and fund their child's daily campus transactions. 

    Using the MKS secure login system, parents and students can view account activity, add money to school spending accounts, and request PDF statements. Parents can register accounts for a single child, or multiple children, whether they're attending the same school or different schools.

    Your bank-to-school transactions are secure.


Contact Admissions.

Tuition & Fees Timeline

Nov. 1
Financial Aid Application online- FACTS OPEN
Dec. 12  
Current Student - All Accounts must be current to be eligible for exams
Feb. 1  
Tuition Announced
Current Student - Registration begins
Feb. 14
FACTS Financial Aid forms due
Feb. 20
Registration deadline for all returning students
Mar. 8-10
Financial Aid Award Letters mailed to incoming freshman
Mar. 30
Tuition contract, deposit & registration fee due from new students
Apr. 15
Final ACH payments processed for ending year 2018-2019
May 10
May 10
Seniors must be current to take final exams & participate in Senior activities
ACH New Enrollment forms due - 2018-2019
May 22
All Accounts must be current to be eligible for exams
May 31
FUNDING DEADLINE. Penalty of $500 for tuition paid after this date
June 2
Students not funded are dropped. Available spots offered to transfers.
June 17
1st ACH payment debited - along with ACH Fee for 2018-2019
Student registration must be complete, accounts must be current, and any NSFs cleared