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Affording BL


At Bishop Lynch, we understand the challenges most families face when financing a private education and preparing for the expenses of college. 

To help meet these financial demands, we strive to provide an outstanding secondary education at a reasonable cost and offer a number of payment plans and financial aid opportunities.

I really like how there is a place and a path for everyone. There are essentials, regular, honors, and AP classes so all students can be academically successful. There are also lots of clubs and opportunities to meet people and make friends. Senior 2022



College Acceptance


Student to Faculty Ratio


National Merit Scholarships

Tuition & Funding Plans

Tuition Assistance

Contact Tuition Assistance

Ilia Preza

Ilia Preza

Tuition and Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Ricci House

Admissions Timeline

Nov. 1    Financial Aid Application online for the upcoming school year - FACTS OPEN

Dec. 12      Current Student - All accounts must be current to be eligible for semester exams

Feb. 1      Tuition Announced for the upcoming school yearCurrent Student - Re-enrollment begins

Feb. 10    FACTS Financial Aid forms due for the upcoming school year

Feb. 16    Re-enrollment deadline for all returning students for the upcoming school year

Mar. 10    Financial Aid Notifications for the upcoming school year

Mar. 31    Tuition contract, deposit & re-enrollment fee due for new students for the upcoming school year

Apr. 15    Final ACH payments processed for the current school year

May 11    Seniors must be current to take final exams & participate in Senior activities for the current school year

May 18    All Accounts must be current to be eligible for semester exams

May 25    Pay in Full - late fee of $500 for tuition paid after this date

June 2    Students not funded are dropped. Available spots are offered to transfers.

June 15    1st ACH payment debited - along with ACH Fee 

Aug. 3    Student re-enrollment must be complete, accounts must be current, and any NSFs cleared