List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why Bishop Lynch School?

    Every student at Bishop Lynch can flourish, whether it is through the college preparatory courses offered, the various athletic opportunities, visual and performing arts events, or extra-curricular activities. Students have a chance to get involved in the community and develop skills that help them to develop as strong, independent young adults. From Forensic Science to student leadership and robotics, there are so many ways for students to become active members of the community. 
  • Q. How many applications does Bishop Lynch receive, and how many students are admitted to each grade?

    In the 2019-2020 academic year, Bishop Lynch received over 600 applications for grades 9-12. We aim to admit 250 students in the freshman class. The number of transfers accepted varies per grade. 
  • Q. What is the average class size?

    The average class size is around 20, although more advanced level courses may be smaller as well as essentials classes. Essentials classes are usually capped at 16.
  • Q. What type of students do you accept?

    Bishop Lynch seeks to attract a diverse student body of students with high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and a wide variety of interests. Students and parents should be willing to contribute to the entire Bishop Lynch community. 
  • Q. How can I visit the campus and are applicants allowed to visit for the day?

    BL Sunday, our annual open house, is in the fall. If you are unable to attend the open house, campus tours are also offered weekly by appointment. Tours are led by either an admissions office representative or a Bishop Lynch Ambassador. Please email the admissions office if you would like to set up an appointment Shadowing, or “Friar for a Day,” is also offered to prospective students. To set up a shadow day, login into your Ravenna account and click “Friar for a Day.”
  • Q. Is financial aid available to my family?

    Families may apply for financial aid on the Bishop Lynch website through FACTS. The financial aid application and supporting documents are due by mid-February each year. Financial aid at Bishop Lynch is need-based; athletic scholarships are not offered. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on individual accomplishments, no application necessary. Financial aid decisions are made independently of admissions.
  • Q. How much weight is placed on the ISEE exam?

    The admissions committee rates a student based on grades, teacher recommendations, standardized testing scores, ISEE testing, extracurricular activities and the interview. The Bishop Lynch admissions committee makes every effort to find the right match for the student and for the School. The ISEE counts as part of that evaluation but is mostly used for placement. Students are allowed to take the ISEE test more than once, but that is not necessary or expected.
  • Q. How will I know when the required materials have been received and the admissions file is complete?

    The Admissions Office uses Ravenna Solutions for the online admissions application. Once you create an online profile with Ravenna, you’ll have an admissions account where you will see the checklist of items required to apply. It’s very easy and user-friendly! 
  • Q. How much homework do students have per night?

    The amount of homework depends on the course load of the student. On a normal school day, Bishop Lynch students can expect anywhere from one hour to three hours of homework per night, but that completely varies based on course load and time management skills.
  • Q. How many graduates go on to attend college?

    100% of Bishop Lynch graduates are accepted to college.
  • Q. Is bus service available?

    Bishop Lynch offers bus services from Plano, Richardson, North Dallas, Garland, and Oak Cliff, with proposals for new routes in the Rockwall, Mesquite, Forney, Crandall, Seagoville, and Pleasant Grove areas. The fee is based on location and may be paid annually, per semester, or per month. The first day of operation is the first day of scheduled classes, and the bus operates on all normal school days.
  • Q. How can I get answers to questions about admissions that are not addressed on your web site?

    Most answers will be found on the website, however, if you have further questions, please contact our Admissions Office at (214) 324-3607 ext. 4221 or
Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963