TAPPS Academics

Bishop Lynch is a member of the Texas Association of Parochial and Private Schools, TAPPS, and competes in numerous academic, art, and music activities at the state level. Our academic team also participates in several invitational meets prior to the state meet. All events are open to all grades unless otherwise noted.



Izzy Aguilar - Literary Criticism
Annalisa Aldrete - McIntosh Spanish
Thede Ambrose - Current Event
Becky Arch - Science, Advanced Math
David Bennett - Current Event
Lily Booth - Literary Criticism, Seek and Sketch - Black & White, Color
Cristal Canales - Spanish
Trang Cao - TAPPS Math
Blake Casner - Number Sense
Davis Chen - Duet
Kylie Conway - Seek and Sketch - Black & White
Vincente Cordero - Calculator
Ashlyn Duy - Science
Christopher England - Debate, Persuasive Speaking
Ansley Forrester - Persuasive Speaking
Ryan Gerron - Poetry Interpretation
Clayton Graves - On-site Drawing
Peter Guan - Advanced Math, Number Sense
Haley Howe - Original Oratory, Ready Writing
Clair Jackson - Seek and Sketch – Color
YuYin Jiang - Science, Number Sense
Annie Johnston - Prose, Poetry Interpretation
Laney Killingsworth - Persuasive Speaking
Julia Kubes - Calculator
Kevin Le Spelling - Calculator
Joseph Mathews - Debate
Bella Mendoza - Social Studies
Lexi Melancon - Duet
Cristina Negraru - Solo
Kevin Nguyen - On-site Drawing
Jada Nwigwe - Solo
Mai-Vi Oberski - Duet
Lily O'Brien - Debate
William Olsson - Current Events, Social Studies
Jane OnuchaOriginal Oratory
Jason Peraza Prose Interpretation
Grace Pigeon - Duet
Jack Rogaliner - TAPPS Math
Ethan RogersPersuasive Speaking
Evan Rozsa - Seek and Sketch - Black & White
Joseph Shore - Debate
Zosia StaniunasProse Interpretation
Alonso Toji - TAPPS Math
Charlie StockOriginal Oratory
Carissa Torres - Spelling, Advanced Math
Jeff TruittProse Interpretation
Sharon Volpe - Spanish
Jacob Walker - Debate
Annie Zaicek - Spelling, Social Studies


Advanced Math
Current Issues and Events
Duet Acting
Literary Criticism
Number Sense
One-Act Play
Original Oratory  
Persuasive Speaking
Poetry Interpretation
Prose Interpretation
Ready Writing
Social Studies
Solo Acting

Academic Coaches

TAPPS Academics Coordniator:
 Sr. Cecilia Sehr

Loralee Berg - TAPPS Math
Kay Gentsch - Persuasive Speaking
Mike Hall - Number Sense
Jan Hublein - Prose Interpretation and Poetry Interpretation
Corey Johnson - Visual Arts
Lee Kinnett - Literary Criticism
Stuart Kantor - Ready Writing
John Athas - Solo Acting, Duet Acting, One-Act Play
Margarita Morale - Calculator
John Parnell - Current Events and Social Studies
Guillermo Rios - Spanish
Katie See - Advanced Math
Sr. Cecilia Sehr - Science, Spelling, and Original Oratory
Beth Storm - Debate
Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963