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Embracing All Learners

Course Levels


Dual enrollment is a program with Dallas College designed to allow students the opportunity to earn college credit.  It is offered on a faculty availability basis and with the continued coordination and approval of the Dallas College Board.   To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program, students must have an 80-grade point average and take the TSI Assessment or be exempt by their PSAT, SAT or ACT scores.   


Advanced Placement/Honors classes offer in-depth study of content, extra projects, accelerated pace, and rigorous study.   Only courses designated with the above titles are awarded additional grade weighting.  To receive AP college credit, the student must take the AP Exam or be dual enrolled if applicable.  Placement is by faculty recommendation only.   


Essentials classes are offered for English I-IV, Algebra I-II, Spanish I-II, Geometry, and Chemistry.   Essentials level classes meet the standards and requirements established by TEA and mandated for all Texas public schools.  Based on the content and rigor provided at Bishop Lynch, the essentials classes and on-level classes are differentiated by the variety of assessments, the order, and the pace at which material is covered.   Students qualify for essentials level classes through documented learning differences or deficiencies identified through standardized test results.  Essentials classes provide an opportunity for a variety of learners to develop themselves into scholars while learning skills to utilize a growth mindset.  

Student Support Services

Bishop Lynch provides plenty of academic resources to help students reach their full potential.  

Friar Seminar  

This unique one-semester course helps new students with the transition to high school at Bishop Lynch. The course provides study skill development, an orientation to BL’s technology platform and an introduction to the ins and outs of being a Friar student. 

Learning Specialist 

Bishop Lynch has a full-time learning specialist on campus to help students and families create individual learning plans to meet their unique needs. Whether it’s extra time on exams, customized study skills development or course recommendations, BL’s learning specialist is another advocate for student success.  

Math Success Center 

Students can get extra help with their math classes, thanks to the Math Success Center. Staffed by a veteran mathematics teacher, the Math Success Center adds up to student confidence and achievement – conveniently located on campus and at no additional cost.  

Writing Center 

Students with a case of writer’s block can get help in the Writing Center conveniently located in the library. The Writing Center offers tutelage for any class where writing is involved, and it is even geared to help students with their college essays! English department faculty members and students in the National English Honor Society staff this student-centric creative writing space.