Our students are not just active learners, they’re leaders as well. Molded by our rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, our students are constantly challenged to discover their passions and potential while taking their education to a higher level. The knowledge and confidence they gain while attending BL will carry them through college and into the future.

The diversity of courses offered at BL ranges from A (arts) to Z (zoology). Through careful planning, students complete their education at BL with a solid foundation on which to build their future academic endeavors. Our guidance department is always available and happy to help chart your course to academic success.


What is Dual Enrollment?
Students in Dual Enrollment classes are enrolled at Bishop Lynch High School and Eastfield Collge, simultaneously receiving credit at both levels. Students never have to leave the high school campus because both our instructor and curriculum are accredited at the college level.

Dual Enrollment advantages include:
  • Added Value 
  • Enhanced Preparation 
  • Highly Qualified Faculty 
  • Core Classes 
  • Time Savings 
  • Additional Resources 
Learn more about our Dual Enrollment program here.

Graduation Requirements

Social Studies
World Language (consecutive)
Fine Arts
Communication Applications
Computer Education
Physical Education

4 credits
4 credits
4 credits
4 credits
4 credits
2 credits
1 credit
.5 credit
1 credit
1 credit
.5 credits
1.5 credits

27.5 credits


Grading System

Bishop Lynch High School uses a numeric grading system on a 100-point scale. Credit is awarded for a semester grade of 70 or above. A semester consists of two nine-week quarters. Students may receive a “final pass” for earning a 77 or higher in the spring semester following a failure in math, foreign language and chemistry courses only.

GPA Conversion to 4.0
90 – 100+ = 4.0
80 – 89 = 3.0-3.9
70 – 79 = 2.0 – 2.9
0 – 69 = 0-1.9

Weighted Grades, Class of 2018-2020
All numeric grades earned in a particular class are weighted by the following factors:
AP/Advanced/Honors = Numeric Grade x 1.07
High = Numeric Grade x 1.03
Regular = Numeric Grade x 1.0
Essentials = Numeric Grade x .95

Weighted Grades, Class of 2021+
All numeric grades earned in a particular class are weighted by the following factors:
AP/Advanced = Numeric Grade x 1.07
Honors = Numeric Grade x 1.05
Regular = Numeric Grade x 1.0
Essentials = Numeric Grade x .95



BL's Class of 2018 earned nearly $23 million in merit-based scholarships and are attending 68 different colleges and universities. 

Academics Team

List of 4 members.

"BL provided endless opportunities for me to achieve nearly anything I wanted. I excelled academically while simultaneously succeeding in athletics and still having time to spend with friends. I could not have asked for a better place for me to grow academically, socially and spiritually, and I am grateful for all the wisdom I will take into the next steps of my life."

Ben Walter 
Bishop Lynch High School – Class of 2017 Salutatorian 
University of Notre Dame – Science-Business Major
Bishop Lynch High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (recognized by the Texas Education Agency).