School Reopening Plans/COVID-19

Bishop Lynch High School is committed to planning for a safe school reopening in August. The BL school reopening task force is utilizing all applicable local, state and federal guidelines in their planning process. Please check this webpage throughout the summer for updates. 

This just in! Bishop Lynch High School has released its extensive plan for a safe return to campus. Click here for the full guide. 


Email Updates

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • August 5, 2020 | Weekly School Reopening Update

    Dear Bishop Lynch Community,
    Bishop Lynch High School’s virtual start to the 2020-21 academic year is Monday, Aug. 10, and we could not be more excited to welcome back our Friar family. Teacher in-service training is taking place on campus this week for our faithful, caring and dedicated faculty members. Even with all the necessary precautions like social distancing and mask-wearing in place, you can feel the palpable excitement for a new school year.
    Full School Reopening Plan Now Available Online
    Bishop Lynch has compiled all the school’s safe return to campus plans, schedules and precautionary measures in one handy downloadable document. You can read the full plan here, and it is also posted on, along with the webpage’s full slate of FAQs, screening forms and resource links. Please email if you have a question that is not specifically addressed in the plan.
    Virtual Orientation Videos
    As mentioned in an email sent last week, this year’s grade-level orientations will be videos that can be viewed at any time before the first day of school. Please be on the lookout for an email this Thursday with your orientation video link. If you have any questions after viewing the orientation video, please contact your guidance counselor. Click here to view guidance counselor photos, bios, student assignments, and their contact information.
    Class of 2021 Ring Ceremony
    Bishop Lynch has a long-standing tradition of welcoming students to their senior year with a special ceremony where class rings or other jewelry are blessed. This year’s ring ceremony video will be available on at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8. Congratulations to the Class of 2021 and best wishes for a successful, memorable and meaningful senior year!
    Releasing the Class of 2021 Ring Ceremony video on Aug. 8 is especially significant because that is the feast day of St. Dominic, our Dominican school’s patron saint. As we begin a new school year – and an unprecedented and uniquely challenging one at that – we pray to St. Dominic for special guidance and grace as we learn, teach and live out the Bishop Lynch mission together as a faith-filled school community.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Chris Rebuck

    Chad Riley, Ph.D.
  • July 28, 2020 | Weekly School Reopening Update

    Dear Bishop Lynch Community,
    As we near the Aug. 10 start of remote learning to kick off Bishop Lynch High School’s reopening plan, we are welcoming new teachers to the Friar family and conducting in-service training for all our faithful, caring and dedicated faculty. Teachers have been and will continue to participate in professional development opportunities related to blended synchronous learning, exceptional learners, planning for on campus and remote learning simultaneously, instructional technology, Blackboard organization, and how to provide additional support to students with learning differences.
    Our committed faculty members are being called to carry out their educational ministry in remarkable ways now more than ever under these extraordinary circumstances. Please pray for our teachers as they prepare in earnest for an unprecedented semester. We will e-introduce our newest Friar faculty in the Aug. 6 edition of Friar Facts.
    Family Choice Commitment Form Due July 31
    During Phase 1 of BL’s school reopening plan, all students will take part in remote learning from Aug. 10-Sept. 2. Beginning Sept. 3, students may participate in on-campus learning or continue with the eLearning option. Please refer to the phased reopening plan and schedule for the timeline.
    Bishop Lynch is asking families to commit to either the on-campus or remote learning instructional model. Families that commit to the remote synchronous at-home option must commit for a minimum of one nine-week grading period at a time. Families that commit to in-person instruction may change their commitment to remote synchronous learning at any point until the end of that current nine-week grading period.
    Click here to complete the family choice commitment form by July 31.
    Importance of Mental Health
    Bishop Lynch High School is committed to the development of the whole child, and we know that spiritual and social connections and mental health resources are needed now more than ever. These vital formational aspects will be in place as much as possible even during remote learning.
    BL’s guidance department has experienced counselors trained and ready to assist our teen students during this pandemic and the back-to-school process. Our guidance counselors are committed to check in on all students and provide tools and strategies for healthy self-care and emotional self-management that support overall mental health.
    Please check out the guidance department’s student commitment and compilation of community resources for your family here.
    We continue to pray for the health and safety of our school community, and we look forward to reconvening soon.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Chris Rebuck

    Chad Riley, Ph.D.
  • July 21, 2020 | School Reopening Timeline

    Dear Bishop Lynch Community,
    Since March, Bishop Lynch High School has consulted health experts; sought guidance from local, state and national authorities; undertaken a stringent planning process for a safe campus reopening; and prayerfully considered the best course of action for our entire school community as we continue to contend with COVID-19.
    Throughout this public health crisis, Bishop Lynch’s goal has been to get our students safely back to school to nurture the development of their academic, mental wellness, social, and spiritual needs. Everyone desires a return to normalcy, and we are taking steps – in a controlled and safety-oriented action plan – to get there.
    Fall Semester to Start with Remote Instruction
    As you may know, this last week brought a local order by Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) and a follow-up response by the Texas Attorney General. BL will voluntarily comply with the DCHHS order to public schools to delay in-person instruction. BL will begin the school year with remote instruction for all students on Aug. 10 through Sept. 2. As a college preparatory school, it is important that we begin the school year early enough to allow for the school year to end in plenty of time for college-bound seniors to begin summer classes.
    Campus to Open with Modified Schedule in September
    Our planning for the reopening of the school campus has considered analysis from a medical consultant to the Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools Office. With this health expert’s feedback, we have made the decision to begin the process of bringing students back to campus for in-person instruction on Sept. 3, following a modified schedule. The purpose of this modified schedule is to allow students, faculty and staff adequate time to practice a new routine in a more restricted health-conscious environment with a special emphasis on daily screening, arrival/dismissal, passing periods, meal service (breakfast only), and social distancing in the classroom. As previously noted, masks will be required at all times (except while eating/drinking) for everyone on the BL campus and remote instruction will remain an option for those families who choose to continue with virtual learning.
    At this time, Bishop Lynch will reopen school in three phases according to the schedule below. Please understand that a changing COVID-19 situation may necessitate adjustments to this plan.
    Phase 1:  Remote learning only for all students
    Dates:  Aug. 10-Sept. 2
    Updates and modifications to our extended eLearning, based on feedback and school improvement processes, will include:
    • Attendance will be taken daily at the beginning of each class period
    • Student and parent technology orientation training available
    • Designated time for mentor group between 2nd and 3rd periods on Mondays and Thursdays
    • Continuous communication commitment from faculty via email and phone calls
    • Real-time (synchronous) lessons will occur each class period
    • Instructional design based on considerations from Leading with Hope: A Reflective Guide for Catholic Schools in a New Reality
    • Estimated duration for learning activities on class agendas
    • Preview of course content communicated to families every two weeks
    • Posting of notes or recorded lessons on Blackboard for students to review
    • Dedicated professional development for faculty related to blended synchronous learning, exceptional learners, planning for on-campus and remote learning simultaneously, instructional technology, Blackboard organization, etc.
    Phase 2:  On campus in-person learning using a special modified schedule (remote instruction remains an option for families who choose it)
    Dates:  Scheduled to be held Sept. 3-Sept. 16
    • Multiple campus disinfecting and sanitizing upgrades and increased cleaning regimens have been installed/instituted over the summer break, including new air conditioning systems with upgraded filtration and UVC lights to disinfect and eliminate germs and contaminates. Please view the new FAQ posted to for a full listing of campus disinfecting/sanitizing/cleaning upgrades and protocols.
    • Breakfast will be served on campus utilizing distancing strategies to practice for a future reinstatement of lunch on campus
    • Lunch will be grab and go, to be eaten off campus
    • For more extensive information about BL’s safe school reopening plans, please visit the FAQ section at This online reopening hub will continue to be updated over the next few weeks. Please bookmark it for future reference.
    Phase 3:  On campus in-person learning using the regular full-day schedule (remote instruction remains an option for families who choose it)
    Dates:  Scheduled to begin Sept. 17
    • A school closure may be used at any time during the school year to address an outbreak.
    Please read this letter from Superintendent Dr. Matt Vereecke with the Catholic Schools Office about safe school reopening plans across the Diocese of Dallas.
    Also, stay tuned for upcoming virtual parent meetings organized by house to hear information from us about our school reopening plans. The online meetings (via GoToWebinar) will be held next week and you will receive more information soon. 
    These are unprecedented and challenging times, and we appreciate your patience and prayers as we continue to prepare for the start of the fall semester. If you have any questions after reviewing this plan and the information online at, please email and a member of BL’s school reopening task force will respond.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Chris Rebuck

    Chad Riley, Ph.D.
  • July 14, 2020 | Tuesday Leadership Email Reinstatement

    Friar Families:

    We are better together. We have been working diligently over these summer months to find the best possible path to returning to in-person instruction and a safe return to the full formation potential of being on campus together for the coming school year. We anticipate receiving guidance from state and local authorities in the coming days that will allow us to shape the final phases of our re-opening plan and communicate it with you. We have assembled our current thinking in the School Re-Opening page on the school’s website for your reference. You are invited to return to this page often to read updates:

    We are always learning. In humility, we recognize that the public health situation may change rapidly between now and the start of school, just as it has since we last gathered in person in March. We also recognize that scientists are learning more about the virus and its spread, and the precautions we take will reflect both our learning and the current public health situation. Starting today, we will communicate with you every week with the reinstatement of the Tuesday email series–more frequently if necessary–to ensure you are aware of our most current plans and any changes we make. We are always learning – about the virus, its transmission, and our community’s vulnerability–and we will adjust our plans as needed to ensure every member of our community flourishes.

    We believe in the education of the whole person. During these times of planning and regrouping for the journey ahead, we have welcomed three new professionals to join the guidance department with years of collective experience in embracing the mental and social-emotional well-being of young people. The effects of the pandemic and social isolation are real, and we stand ready to embrace your students on their continued journey to their best selves. In addition to our continued commitment to supporting our students in the guidance department, we welcome a new campus minister to provide a source of spiritual support and to continue our path of developing leaders who will be mission in the world.

    Please know that these beliefs and our core values of faithfulness, care and dedication are the driving forces behind our planning and decision making.

    We have created a dedicated email address ( that goes to the division chiefs on the School Reopening Task Force to facilitate your continued feedback.

    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Chris Rebuck

    Chad Riley, Ph.D.
  • June 25, 2020 | School Reopening Update

    Thank you for your continued support as we plan for the reopening of the 2020-2021 school year. Our reopening task force is making necessary plans and recommendations to successfully open our doors to students in August. The task force is relying on several resources for guidance in the decision-making process: the CDC, Dallas County Health and Human Services, Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department, and the Catholic Schools Office.  
    Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the steady increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 both locally and nationally, and we are maintaining regular communications with local health authorities. Because this is a very fluid situation, we ask that you continue to follow communications from Bishop Lynch High School for updates related to reopening our school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.    
    As we move forward to plan for reopening, Bishop Lynch High School is considering offering two learning options for the 2020-2021 school year. To plan thoroughly and effectively, we are asking our families to provide feedback as to the preferred option they may be considering. Please note: This is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee that BL will offer both options. If you have more than one student enrolled, you may choose a different option for each of them: 
    Option 1: Full-time in-person on campus learning, with heightened hygiene and disinfection protocols  
    Option 2: Full-time blended synchronous learning (at-home instruction that requires virtual attendance in classes as scheduled on a normal A/B school day)  
    If a family is considering Option 2, there are other parameters that need to be communicated: families will provide the technology needs necessary for the student to be academically successful from home (laptop and internet connection)families will commit to blended synchronous learning for the entire semester and can re-evaluate attending in-person after the end of a semester; and students participating in Option 2 will only be allowed to participate in virtual extra-curricular activities. 
    Click here to provide feedback on which option your family is considering.   
    Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we continue to plan and provide opportunities for all our students to be safe and successful at Bishop Lynch High School. 
  • May 22, 2020 | Update: School Reopening Plan for August

    Dear Bishop Lynch Community,
    As we enter the summer months, all efforts will be focused on a safe return to school in August. Bishop Lynch High School’s newly appointed task force is undertaking a robust and prudent planning process to determine a safe school reopening for multiple scenarios.
    We do not yet know what the landscape will look like this fall, but rest assured that Bishop Lynch is employing a multi-layered decision-making process based on guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dallas County Health and Human Services and the Diocese of Dallas.
    We invite you to review Bishop Lynch’s Accountability Chart here so you can see how our organization is primed for strategic collaboration and detailed planning at every level.
    Bishop Lynch High School continues to work closely with the Catholic Schools Office. Please read Superintendent Dr. Matthew Vereecke’s letter for the latest on the diocese’s school reopening response.
    Bishop Lynch will continue to provide email updates this summer as reopening plans are developed. In the meantime, we wish you a healthy and restful summer!
    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Chris Rebuck

    Chad Riley, Ph.D.

Health & Safety FAQs

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What measures will Bishop Lynch take to prevent the spread of illness?

    We have always been mindful of and exercised preventive measures regarding controlling the spread of illnesses on campus, and we have implemented enhanced non-pharmaceutical interventions as well, including, but not limited to:
    • Reinforce handwashing/hand sanitizing during key times, including: arrival and dismissal; before and after eating; after using the restroom; after blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing; after touching objects with bare hands that have been handled by other people.
    • Signage in and near the restrooms with reminders about healthy hygiene habits.
    • Communications from the campus nurse to teach effective handwashing and preventive practices.
    • Educating our faculty and staff on the signs and symptoms of illness among our school community.
    • Emphasize safe distancing whenever possible on all areas of campus. Student procedural and facility modifications as necessary to maximize safe distancing.
    • Heightened monitoring in the School Clinc for COVID-19 symptoms and influenza-like illnesses.
    • Additional hand sanitizing dispensers stationed throughout the school and on school busses.
    • Increased cleaning and disinfection of high-traffic areas, deep cleaning of restrooms, and special attention to high-touch surfaces, fixtures, and equipment in school buildings and athletic facilities.
    • Increased cleaning and disinfection of school busses.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of desktops, keyboards, and touch screen devices before and after each use.
    • Increased cleaning and disinfecting in the BL Bistro and common areas.
    • A disinfectant fogging system to increase the efficiency of cleaning our classrooms and shared areas.
    • Upgrading of HVAC parts and equipment to meet new industry standards and recommendations for fresh air/room air circulation. Regular maintenance schedule for sanitization of HVAC parts and equipment.
    • Each afternoon and evening, Facilities staff work diligently to prepare our school for the following day.
    • Reducing the number of common gathering spaces where students tend to congregate.
  • Q. Will face masks be required? Will the school provide masks?

    Students, faculty, and staff will be expected to wear masks or gaiter-style face coverings in the buildings of Bishop Lynch, when moving about the campus facilities, and when traveling on Bishop Lynch buses. Students, faculty, and staff will provide their own face coverings. Branded face coverings will be available for purchase in The Locker. The campus nurse will have a limited supply of supplemental reusable and disposable masks available. Note that masks with valves or ventilation holes are not allowed.
  • Q. What steps will Bishop Lynch take if a student or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19 on campus?

    A student, faculty or staff member showing symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus will be immediately isolated from others, sent home as soon as possible, and referred to their health care provider for evaluation.
  • Q. How is Bishop Lynch High School monitoring COVID-19?

    Bishop Lynch has a COVID-19 Task Force in place led by our president and principal. The Task Force is monitoring and evaluating the latest information from local, state, and national agencies surrounding COVID-19 to help inform the decisions of Bishop Lynch High School and our communications related to the virus.
  • Q. If my child has a compromised immune system or is otherwise considered high-risk for COVID-19, should I keep them at home?

    You should follow the advice of your primary care physician. If your primary care physician recommends that your child should shelter at home, please contact the campus nurse and your child’s guidance counselor.
  • Q. How will students, faculty and staff be Screened for COVID-19?

    Daily self-screening, symptom and temperature checks are to be completed by students, faculty, and staff at home each morning prior to coming to campus. Any individual experiencing symptoms must remain at home. Families will receive a COVID-19 screening form prior to the start of school. See COVID-19 Screening Forms: 
    Only essential visitors will be allowed on campus and will have screening and temperature performed by designated staff member upon arrival.  All essential visitors must wear a mask when on campus. 
  • Q. How will Bishop Lynch respond if a student or staff member is confirmed positive for COVID-19?

    If a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs on our campus, we will immediately notify the Dallas County health officials and the Catholic Schools Office. Based on the specific circumstances of the case, we will work together to determine the proper course of action. Our response will include, but is not limited to:
    • Closure of a specific area of campus or a temporary closure of the entire campus to allow for cleaning and disinfection of affected areas.
    • Identification of close contacts with directives for quarantine, monitoring, and follow-up care. Bishop Lynch will have a Certified Contact Tracer on staff to aid local health authorities with COVID-19 investigations on campus.
    • At home isolation for any infected individual with directives for isolation timeline, monitoring, and follow-up care.
    • Appropriate notification of parents and school employees.
    • Confidentiality of all affected individuals will be strictly maintained.
    • Investigation to determine if an extended dismissal duration is needed to stop or slow further spread of the virus.
  • Q. Am I required to notify the school if my child is suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive?

    Faculty, staff, and families must self-report to the school if they or their student have symptoms of COVID-19, a positive test for COVID-19, or were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
    Our Campus Nurse, Patty Barton, will be the point of contact and will help coordinate with local health authorities on positive COVID-19 cases and contact tracing. Our nurse will ensure that necessary information is communicated on isolation and quarantine timelines, symptom monitoring and follow-up care. Contact Nurse Barton by phone: 214-324-3607 ext. 4141 or email:
  • Q. If a faculty or staff member is diagnosed positive for COVID-19; or is a close contact of an individual diagnosed positive for COVID-19, will they be expected to use sick or vacation days to cover time away from school?

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. To comply, beginning April 1, 2020 and continuing through December 31, 2020, leave benefits are modified to add a new category of leave called “COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave” and “COVID-19 Family and Medical Leave”. Full Time and Part Time Employees are eligible upon hire for up to two (2) weeks (80 hours for full-time employees or a part-time employee’s two-week hourly equivalent) of COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave. Posters that list qualifying reasons for leave related to COVID-19 will be placed in faculty and staff common areas on campus.

Academic FAQs

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Will there be changes to the passing period procedures?

    Passing periods will remain the same, with heightened supervision to maintain a continuous two-way traffic flow in each hall. As previously noted, masks or gaiter-style face coverings are required on the Bishop Lynch campus.
  • Q. Will there be any changes to the school calendar and/or the daily academic schedule?

    Our current plan is to begin school as scheduled on August 10 and maintain our academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year. We are prepared to implement our enhanced E-Learning protocol at any time should circumstances warrant that decision. We will communicate more specific information related to orientation events as well as any daily schedule adjustments (if warranted) as we near our opening date.
  • Q. Will eLearning be available for any student experiencing an extended absence related to isolation or quarantine for COVID-19?

    Yes. We are prepared to deliver eLearning, to ensure that a student who is not physically present in the classroom can keep on pace with their classmates. If your child will be absent from school, you should still follow the same protocol for notifying the Bishop Lynch Attendance Office. For extended absences, parents/guardians should also notify their child’s guidance counselor.
  • Q. Is Bishop Lynch High School committed to offering a remote learning (blended synchronous learning) option for those who are not comfortable attending school on-campus?

    Yes, families will have the option as to which learning model they feel is best for their student(s). The two learning options that will be offered to families are: (1) full-time, in-person instruction (on-campus) or (2) full-time, blended synchronous learning (remote learning). Families that commit to the blended synchronous learning option must commit for a minimum of one 9-week grading period at a time. Families that commit to in-person instruction may change their commitment to blended synchronous learning at any point until the end of that current 9-week grading period.
  • Q. Will class sizes be reduced?

    We do not plan to reduce class sizes. Rather, we will emphasize safe practices/distancing, masks/face coverings will be worn by all, and modifications to facilities as necessary to maximize safe distancing.
  • Q. What is the definition of eLearning? What is the definition of blended synchronous learning?

    eLearning Model
    During mandated school-wide campus closure, students will continue their courses by participating in meaningful online synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences (eLearning). The new eLearning model has been modified based on feedback received from the spring 2020 eLearning model. eLearning will follow Bishop Lynch’s A/B rotation on the school calendar. School holidays and closures will be honored as stated on the 2020 – 2021 school calendar. The new eLearning guidelines with be shared with families before the start of school and will specifically state expectations of families and faculty.

    Blended Synchronous Learning Model
    At home instructional school model, where students attend classes virtually as outlined on their A and B-Day schedule. The school calendar and bell schedule will run as usual.
    • Student expectations virtually
      • Synchronous learning will occur; live interactive classes with students and teachers participating in real-time
      • Teachers will take attendance daily on a designated schedule by course and absences will be documented
      • Students will commit to attending virtual class (both A and B-Day) at a designated schedule and actively participate in learning activities as if they were attending class in-person
      • Students are required to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct just as they would during in-person attendance
      • In-person grading, and GPA policies will be in effect
      • Students will commit to Blended Synchronous Learning for one quarter, the commitment can be reversed after the completion of a 9-week grading period

    • Athletics
      • All students who participate in athletics will be required to meet TAPPS requirements, be enrolled and attend the athletic class and after school practices in person. Remote students will need to furnish their own transportation to and from athletic class and after school practices.

    • Visual and Performing Arts
      • Virtual learning for visual and performing arts courses may be synchronous. Students who attend blended synchronous learning may participate in extracurricular activities (before and/or after school rehearsals, practices, performances, and competitions) if they meet all TAPPS requirements, are enrolled in the applicable course section, and are able to attend designated rehearsals, practices, performances, and competitions. Remote students must have their own transportation to and from practices, rehearsals, and performances.
  • Q. How will teachers engage students that are attending class remotely?

    Students who opt for the blended synchronous learning option will attend live classes remotely. The Instructional Technology Team (I-Team) will work closely with teachers during in-service to prepare them to engage students remotely while simultaneously engaging students in-person. All students will have the opportunity to be successful academically. Students attending in person and those remotely engaged will have opportunities to collaborate with classmates in real-time.

Operation FAQs

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. *NEW* What is being done to increase the disinfecting and cleaning of school facilities?

    Bishop Lynch High School has made significant investments in facility upgrades over the summer to facilitate increased health and safety measures for our community. The new upgrades include the following:

    75 Touchless Sanitizing Stations – Gel Dispensers
    A station is located in each academic classroom on the inside wall of the doorway.

    Portable Sanitizing Stations will be located at common entry points around the BL campus.

    New air conditioning systems were installed during the summer break that feature upgraded filtering systems and increased filtration of contaminates. UVC lights in use in each HVAC unit to disinfect and eliminate germs and contaminates.

    Outside air intake systems have been updated to increase the amount of outside (fresh) air being dispersed inside the building.

    Four Electrostatic Sanitizers are available

    Disposable masks will be made available to visitors at common entry points.

    Drinking fountain stations
    Removal of hand bars that might result in continuous contact
    Autofill stations only
    Students will be encouraged to bring filled water bottles from home.

    Ozone Machines
    Will be used after hours and on weekends.

    We are investigating the installation of motion detection points for doors leading to the courtyard.

    Increased Frequency of Sanitization Protocols 
    Restrooms will be professionally cleaned three times each day with surfaces and touch locations receiving primary focus.  
    Teachers will sanitize classroom surfaces between each class. Teachers will be supplied with a spray-on disinfectant that has a one-minute dwell time. No wiping or contact is required. Teachers will also be responsible for cleaning their personal areas such as their computer monitor and keyboard.  
    Daily room cleaning by maintenance staff includes: 
    Wipe down and disinfection of touch points (doorknobs, desktops, light switches, etc.) 
    Wipe down flat surfaces such as commonly used shelves and work areas 
    Floor cleaning 
    Trash and debris removal 
    Nightly disinfecting of hallways and walk areas, including locker areasDisinfectant fogging of hallways to occur either before school, immediately after school or overnight 
    The BL Bistro and all common areas will be disinfected after each use. 
    The school clinic will be cleaned after the report of an incident/exposure. There will be an isolation area installed within the clinic.  
  • Q. Will water fountains be available for use?

    Water fountains will not be in operation. Students should bring a full, reusable water bottle to school each day. Hydroboost touchless water filling stations will be in operation for students to refill water bottles as needed.
  • Q. What steps is Sage Dining taking related to COVID-19?

    Sage Dining has provided regular updates to for safely reopening the BL Bistro, based on based on many discussions internally as well as external research.  Follow this link to access a booklet detailing their food service plans. The password (if needed) to open the booklet is SAGEreopening (with SAGE in all caps).

Formation FAQs

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the status of athletics and other extra-curricular activities?

    Our plan as of mid-July is that athletic programs and extra-curricular activities will resume with protocols that address appropriate physical distancing, hygiene, and safety measures for each sport/activity. We will follow guidance and directives from the Texas Association for Private and Parochial Schools, UIL, the Texas Education Agency, and the Catholic Schools Office. If our athletics and extra-curricular activities are disrupted by the pandemic, we will make every effort to find creative ways to continue; virtually, with additional safety measures, or a combination of both.
  • Q. Will we be able to celebrate Mass as a community?

    Celebrating Mass as a faith community will occur virtually on scheduled all-school Mass days and Holy Days of Obligation. We are excited to welcome Ms. Lysette Flores to Bishop Lynch as Campus Minister. In conjunction with our Theology faculty, Ms. Flores will work closely with our Campus Chaplain, Fr. Edwin Leonard, to provide meaningful opportunities for spiritual growth for our students.  Students will also have the opportunity to safely receive the sacrament of Reconciliation.   
  • Q. Will there be any changes to the House System?

    After a highly successful inaugural year, we are looking forward to the start of our second year in the House System and the addition of our freshmen and transfer student Friars. House Deans and Student Leaders are making plans for House and Mentor Group activities for the upcoming year, factoring in enhanced safety protocols to prevent the spread of illnesses. Welcome Home, Friars!
Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963