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Jennifer Adamcik ‘99  

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Jennifer Adamcik is a proud Bishop Lynch alumna, and she heads up the school’s human resources department to recruit faithful, caring and dedicated team members to educate and support the next generation of Friars. Jennifer has been employed at Bishop Lynch since 2008, and she loves bringing top talent to BL. 


Bishop Lynch aims to be the first-choice school for families in the Dallas metroplex, and we strive to be a first-choice place of employment too. We have a fabulous team of innovative and inspiring professionals who are committed to the BL mission.
Jennifer Adamcik
Mr. Becker

Join Us!

Not only is Bishop Lynch a great school for students, but it is also a great school to work at as well. Check out the latest employment openings for the opportunity to join our team of faithful, caring and dedicated faculty and staff members.  

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Diocese of Dallas assures equal employment opportunity in all its employment policies and practices. These policies and practices are administered without regard to race, color, national origin, age, gender, marital status, political affiliation, veteran status, or mental or physical disabilities not affecting one’s ability to perform the essential functions of one’s job. All employment in the diocese requires compliance with moral standards acceptable to the Catholic Church. There are certain positions in the diocese for which it is necessary to be Catholic, and some positions for which preference in hiring shall be given to people who are Catholic and who evidence an understanding of the Catholic faith and a commitment to living that faith. Such preference is allowed under state and federal law, and does not constitute an illegal act of discrimination. In furtherance of the equal employment opportunity policy, the Diocese of Dallas will be diverse in its hiring practices.