Believing. Belonging. 
Bishop Lynch High School adopted the tagline Believing. Belonging. in 2018 to reflect our school’s commitment to foster belonging on campus.  
Belonging at Bishop Lynch 
We believe that welcoming each person in his or her uniqueness as a gift to the community inspires us to strengthen our culture of belonging.  

Bishop Lynch’s commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition encourages students to understand the world around them by thinking critically and creatively. Informed by faith and guided by reason, Bishop Lynch’s implementation of the Catholic intellectual tradition teaches our Friars to seek truth and work for justice in the world while on campus and as they live, learn and work as adults. 

As a diocesan high school with a Dominican heritage, Bishop Lynch embodies the Dominican charism in its commitment of holistic education and the pursuit of truth or Veritas (the school motto). Bishop Lynch High School is a member of the Dominican Association of Secondary Schools, which fosters the Dominican spirit among Dominican Catholic secondary schools in the United States. 

BL Belonging Board 
Bishop Lynch High School established the BL Belonging Board in 2019. The group is comprised of 12-14 appointed students who have been trained to facilitate dialogue among their peers. In addition, BL Belonging Board members serve as an advisory panel for certain student issues and host Dine & Dialogue events throughout the school year. 

This group is a member of the Dallas Area Diversity Youth Organization (DADYO) and BL Belonging Board members regularly attend DADYO meetings and also meet with other groups like the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas’s Jewish Community Relations Council. 
Dine & Dialogue  
Bishop Lynch’s first Dine & Dialogue event was held in 2021; since that time, the events have grown considerably. The entire BL community and friends of the school are invited to the evening cultural celebrations hosted by the BL Belonging Board and other student groups.  

Mark your calendar for the 2022-2023 Dine & Dialogue events: 
Sept. 20 – Hispanic Heritage Month 
Nov. 15 – Human Trafficking Awareness 
Feb. 28 – Black History Month 
March 30 – Women’s History Month 
April 25 – Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

Please reserve your complimentary ticket at www.bishoplynch.org/tickets. Tickets will be available in the weeks leading up to each event.  
Universal Design for Learning 
Bishop Lynch High School has implemented Universal Design for Learning in its academic programming. By customizing classroom teaching and assessments for various learning levels, Bishop Lynch meets students where they are and positions them for growth. Bishop Lynch offers several learning levels for many of its content areas: Advanced Placement/Dual Credit, honors, regular, and essentials so a wider variety of learners can call BL home.  

Dialogue Training
Bishop Lynch has worked closely with Essential Partners to introduce dialogue training on our campus for students and staffulty. The BL Belonging Board, the Veritas Board and House System student leaders have been trained to facilitate dialogue that is healthier and more inclusive – to express opinions and hear differing opinions while engaging one another in a respectful manner.  

The dialogue training is being rolled out to the entire school in the 2022-2023 academic year via the BL House System. 
Siena: Aug. 30 
Ricci: Oct. 18 
Montfort: Oct. 25 
Aquinas: Nov. 8 
De Porres: Nov. 15 
Lima: Dec. 1 
Angelico: Dec. 6 
Frassati: Jan. 12 

Read more about Bishop Lynch’s dialogue training here. (Link to https://issuu.com/bishoplynch/docs/reflections_winter_2022
Have a question about Bishop Lynch’s belonging initiatives? Please contact Candice Barbosa, assistant principal for student formation.  


Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous, college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world. - Founded in 1963