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Final Exams Exemption Process

April 21, 2020
Dear Bishop Lynch Students and Parents,
In acknowledgement of these unprecedented times, Bishop Lynch will initiate a final exam exemption process for students in any grade level who are passing their fourth quarter and semester courses and are in good standing with the business office. Students who are not cleared in the business office will receive a zero for the final exam grade until the account is clear. After the account is clear, the zero will be changed to exempt status (EX).
If students (grades 9-11) meet the criteria to be exempt from final exams, then their last day of school for the fourth quarter will be Tuesday, May 19. If seniors meet the criteria to be exempt from final exams, then their last day of school for the fourth quarter will be Friday, May 8. The two review days and finals week will become Academic Mastery Days (from 8:15 a.m.-12 p.m.) for those students who are not passing their fourth quarter and/or semester courses. 
If Eastfield or Cedar Valley requires a final exam as part of a dual credit class, then the exam will be given during the scheduled BL class time, not during Academic Mastery Days. As such, AP Exams will occur as scheduled by the College Board. 
In lieu of final exams, each quarter grade will weigh 50 percent toward the semester grade.
This change is not an easing of academic standards, but an understanding that we are learning and growing together through these challenging times.
Academic Mastery Days
Academic Mastery Days will be held on the following dates for students to receive help in learning content that they found difficult and/or to make up any assignments missed due to disruptions related to COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order:
Grades 9-11
May 20-22 
May 26-28 
Grade 12
May 11-15
May 18-22
May 26-28
No Pass/Fail
As many of you know, several Independent School Districts in our area are temporarily shifting to Pass/Fail grades. It will be our policy not to adopt Pass/Fail grading. To do so would compromise your investment in a college preparatory education while diminishing the students’ hard work. Due to our unusual circumstances along with the decision not to adopt a Pass/Fail only grading process, the Academic Mastery Days (dates listed above) were established to provide the necessary learning support to any student who needs assistance in mastering learning objectives.
Students who are still failing the semester at the end of the Academic Mastery Days will be required to attend credit recovery summer school.
Chad Riley, Ph.D.
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