The Coaches:

Mr. David Post:

Mr. Post has been with Bishop Lynch for 17 years. He brought Mock Trial to BL his first year after being the head of Mock Trial at Plano East High School.  He teaches AP United States Government, AP Comparative Government, Mock Trial, and American Government and has two daughters one currently a BL senior and one that graduated from the UT business school. Mr. Post is also the head of the Teacher Mentoring program at BL and runs the Academic Excellence Camp for incoming freshmen in the summer.  He has also been the head Men’s Golf Coach since 1997. He is a graduate of Penn State and University of Texas at Dallas Graduate School with a Masters of Humanities.  Mr. Post is also adjunct Professor at Brookhaven and Eastfield Colleges.

Judge Peggy Hoffman:

Judge Hoffman: Judge Hoffman graduated from Bishop Lynch in 1986 and attended SMU Law school. She was the District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY, as well as here in Dallas. After she returned from Brooklyn, she established her own legal defense firm. In November 2006, she was elected for her first term in Criminal Court 9.

Jamie Pruitt:

Jamie was in Mock Trial in 1997 and 1998, playing the defendant in a case about euthanasia in which she was accused of pulling the plug of her dying daughter's life support system. She passed the bar in Texas and California. She specializes in intellectual property law and entertainment law. Jamie practices criminal, family, business and intellectual property law at Pruitt Law Firm based in Rockwall, Texas.

Brad Dickinson:

Brad is the father of senior Savannah Dickinson and helps out the Mock Trial team in many ways including advising them on legal jargon, generously allowing them to work in his office, and chaperoning trips. 

The Team:

This is the third year for seniors Tori Holder and Erin Brown. This is the second year for juniors Ben Yoxall, Sarah Bannister, Mackenzie Kimmons, Corbin Neumann, Danielle Harmon and Matt MacNaughton. This is the first year for sophomores Gatlin Shore, Dallas Neeley, Victoria Holmes, and Taite Brown. This is also the first year for junior Hank Weighter. The Mock Trial team bids our graduates Annie Hukill, Mary Delph, Meagan Erinakes and Artie Haynes farewell and wish them luck as they move on to college.

Erin Brown:

Grade: Senior

This is her third year in Mock Trial. She participates in the No H8 club. 

Tori Holder:

Grade: Senior

Fearlessly leading this year’s promising team, she will be taking on the role of captain. This is her third year in mock trial and she also played for the Bishop Lynch volleyball team for three years. She enjoys being in the musicals, being the vice president of NEHS, being in NHS and BLA, and looks forward to playing the lead in this year’s Blackbox fall play. 

Ben Yoxall:

Grade: Junior

This will be his third year in Mock Trial. He is in STUCO, Invisible Children, Musical, and Choir. Also the Vice President of Mock Trial aswell as the President of the Junior Class.

Sarah Bannister:

Grade: Junior

This will be her second year in Mock Trial. She is in theatre at the Dallas Children's Theatre and is working on Girl Scout Gold Award.

Mackenzie Kimmons:

Grade: Junior

This will be her second year in Mock Trial. She also has participated in volleyball freshamn and sophomore year. She is also active in the Brighter Future for Kids club.

Corbin Neumann:

Grade: Junior

As a Junior, this is my second year in Mock Trial.  This year, I will act as the Captain of the Defense team.  I am enrolled in multiple AP classes and my favorite subjects encompass Physics and Pre-calculus.  I also play trumpet in the BL band. 

Danielle Harmon:

Grade: Junior

This will be Danielle's second year in Mock Trial. She participates in Habitat for Humanity.

Matt MacNaughton:

Grade: Junior

This will be Matt's second year in Mock Trial. He enjoys weight lifitng. His favorite movie is inception and is very excited to be on the prosecution this year!

Hank Weighter:

Grade: Junior 

this is my first year on the mock trial team I am working under the spectacular leadership of Corbin Neumann on the defense, the boundless knowledge of our captain, Tori Holder, and with the guidance of Mr. Post. 

Gatlin Shore: 

Grade: Sophomore

This is his first year in Mock Trial. He also participates in Tennis. 

Dallas Neeley:

Grade: Sophomore

This is his first year on the team. He is the team's devoted web master.

Taite Brown:

Grade: Sophomore

This Taite's first year on the team. She participates in the musical aswell as cross country.

Victoria Holmes:

Grade: Sophomore

This is her first year on the team. She participates in student council, ambassadors, NHI Captain, United Nations President Club.

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