BL Gala Gift Gathering Fiesta
March 25, 2017  
7 - 10 pm

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March Calendar Reminder... 

A friendly reminder March school dates:

March 24
Friday, March 24  B Day, Last Period Assembly Schedule 

March 27-31
Monday, March 27  A Day
Tuesday, March 28  B Day, Senior Panoramic (Seniors wear blue shirt)
Wednesday, March 29  Sophomore and Junior retreat day. NO CLASSES for Seniors or Freshmen.
Thursday, March 30  A Day
Friday, March 31  B Day

Student Spotlight - Girl Scout Gold Award,Megan Metry











A number of Bishop Lynch High School Girl Scouts from Troops 1562, 2432 and 1433 have been working extremely hard on their Gold Award projects. Each week, we will cast the spotlight on one of these stellar young ladies and recognize them for their incredible effort by letting them tell their story.

“Seven Loaves is a food pantry organization at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church that provides food for those in need. With this organization, I helped develop a program called Book Buddies that provides books to the children and teens whose parents take part in Seven Loaves. With more than 1,000 books currently in reserve, these kids are able to pick out two books each time they come and are encouraged to read at home with their parents, siblings or friends. This opportunity provides these children with a greater chance of success in life as their literacy is increased by reading.” - Megan Metry, Junior

Mu Alpha Theta - Congratulations to our March Award Winners

Mr. Ron Steiner, Deputy Director for Technical Operations at BL, receiving Mu Alpha Theta's Outstanding Staff Member Award for the month of March from the officers, Ben Walter, Zach Zipper, Lani DuFresne, Jacob Villarreal, and Audrey Paetzel. 

Four students received "double-high-five" awards for winning the most math contests overall this year: Jacob Villarreal, 17 contests, Zach Zipper, 12 contests, Lani DuFresne, 11 contests, and Zimu Guan, 10 contests.


Students who were winners in the math contests listed below (since our last meeting on February 15) holding engraved "Math Contest Winner" pencils:

NCL Advanced Math Contest - Round 4 
In the 4th Round of the National Catholic League Advanced Math Contest, Reagan Withrow took 1st Place, and there was a three-way tie for 2nd Place shared by Alice Feng, Jacob Villarreal, and Zach Zipper. 

Continental Math League Calculus Contest- Round 3 
In Round 3 of the Continental Math League Calculus Contest. Reese Reynolds and Reagan Withrow tied for 1st Place, and Ben Collier, Maggie O’Connor, Giann Santos, Trey Thomas and Jacob Villarreal tied for 3rd Place. 

ASMA Senior Division Math Contest Results - Round 6 
In the 6th Round of the ASMA’s Senior Division Math Contest, Ben Walter and Zach Zipper tied for 1st Place, Kristen Linares and Megan Metry tied for 3rd Place, Ryan Maso, Mary Parsons, and Carissa Torres tied for 5th Place, and Hyunil Cho, Jessica Hageman, and Mallory Lancaster tied for 8th Place.

Texas State Math League Contest - Round 6
In the 6th Round of the Texas State Math League Contest, Zimu Guan took 1st Place with a perfect score, and Audrey Paetzel took 2nd Place, missing only one problem. There was a twelve-way tie for 3rd Place shared by Ben Collier, Lani DuFresne, William Guo, Gabriel Lucio, Payton Nickles, Massimo Piersanti, Henry Roden, Will Seidel, George Smith, Niamh Tierney, Reagan Withrow, and Zach Zipper.

Powder Puff Tournament

Welcome to the new Bishop Lynch Powder Puff experience. The tournament will be a four-way tournament challenge -- Juniors vs. Seniors. 
Junior and Senior girls
Player Registration will start Monday the 27th until Friday the 31st during all lunches
Powder Puff Big Four Championship
April 20, 2017

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Athletic Director via email at

Retreat Day - March 29

Wednesday, March 29 is the Spring Retreat Day for the Juniors and Sophomore class retreats. It is a regular school day for Sophomores and Juniors. It is a dress down day, but please follow the guidelines for dress down...not shorts, sandals. 
Please wear "gym floor friendly" shoes, and bring something to write on and write with. There will be no food service in the Bistro so each student needs to bring a lunch and a drink.
Sophomores will remain on campus for their retreat day activities and the Juniors will be off campus.
Freshmen and Seniors had their class retreats in the Fall so they are off school that day.

Junior Boys Retreat - 2 Loaves of Bread

On Wednesday, March 29th the Junior boys will take part in their class retreat day. As part of the day, we have been incorporating a service project. This project is simple, yet it helps solidify the idea that the young men before us today must become men of active charity. Toward that end, please make sure that each junior boy comes to school that day with 2 loaves of bread (white or wheat).  Thank you!


SAGE Dining Services is introducing the "Touch of SAGE" mobile app! You can Favorite menu Items, Track Allergens, Plan Meals, View Events and more! Download it now, available on Android and iOS systems.  Watch this video and see how it's done, 

Click here for Student and Parent Quickstart Guides.

Summer Work Program - Applications Available

The Bishop Lynch summer work program applications are now available. Applications must be returned to your counselor by Monday, April 24th. Please be sure to read all Program and Work Rules on the application to be considered for the program. Applicants must have a FACTS financial aid application on file. 

Download >> BL Work Program Application

Summer Camps at Bishop Lynch

Whether it’s in academics, fine arts or athletics, one word is synonymous with all three at Bishop Lynch – EXCELLENCE. At Bishop Lynch High School, students are provided a first-rate, well-rounded education combined with an exciting and inspiring campus life.

This summer, Bishop Lynch is expanding its summer camps program to not only offer top-notch athletic camps but a number of fine arts and academic camp opportunities as well, to grades K-8.

Camps operate Monday-Thursday with a Morning Session (9:00-11:30 am) and Afternoon Session (12:30-3:00 pm). Camps will meet: June 5-8, June 12-15, June 19-22, June 26-29, July 10-13, July 17-20, July 24-27

For Bishop Lynch Summer Camp opportunities:

Bishop Lynch High School Spring Market


Summer Academics





The Summer Program at Bishop Lynch offers a variety of classes, including required and elective courses. Each course offered is the equivalent of a one-semester course (one-half credit) during the regular school year.

For more information, please visit the Summer Academics page or contact Randy Becker at 

Chapel Schedule 

March 24, 7:40 AM
Mass & Reconciliation, Priest from St. Pius X Parish
March 29, 8:30 AM
Spring Retreat Day, Mass, Fr. Edwin Leonard
March 30, 7:50 AM
Morning Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours
March 31, 7:40 AM
Mass & Reconciliation, Priest from St. Pius X Parish

Driver's Ed Sign-up

Driver’s Ed forms are available in Athletic suite and at front receptionist desk or on the school website. Classes start the first week of June. See Coach Zihlman for details or questions.

More information can be found here:

Meet the Class of 2020 


For sports updates, please see below:



Upcoming Dates and Information:

•  Course selection sheets for next year are due to the counselor ASAP if you were absent.
•  Transcript release forms for juniors are due to the counseling office.
•  Sophomores and Juniors, please submit your birth certificate to the counseling office.

Eastfield College Dual Credit Enrollment Instructions

General requirements for the Dual Enrollment Program

•  Student must have a 3.0 GPA (80)
•  Pass the TSI assessment exam OR be exempt (see below)
           SAT score of at least 500 on both the Critical Reading & Math sections with a combined score of 1070 (DUKE Program SAT/ACT scores can be used).
           ACT score of 19 on both the English and Math with a composite score of 23.
           PLAN score of 19 on both the English and Math with a composite score of 23.
•  Students may still need to take the CLEP for placement purposes if they plan to take high-level math, science or language classes.

Application Requirements

1.  Complete the ONLINE Dual Credit Admissions Application here:

•  Upon completion please print the letter of acceptance/confirmation page with your Eastfield College Student ID number. If you are given a pending status you must still print this page and contact Mrs. Malouf in Guidance or Elizabeth Cruz at Eastfield (972-860-7024) to retrieve your ID number. You must have this number in order to complete #4 on this list. Make sure you keep this number in a safe place; you will need it in the future!

2. Required additional forms include:

•  DCCCD High School Enrollment Form
    -Print full name and Eastfield Student ID at the top.
    -Leave the course name & number box blank. 
    -The student and parent/guardian must sign and date at the bottom of the form. Parent/Guardian signatures are not required if the student is 18.

•  Consent to Emergency Treatment Form (only required if student is under 18)
Parent/Guardian Access to Official Student Records Proxy Form

3.  Official high school transcript with qualifying SAT or ACT scores if applicable. (Bishop Lynch will supply this)

4.  Once all application materials have been completed the student must:

•  Setup and access their econnect account 
Complete the PAA (pre-assessment activity) which includes watching an informational video and taking a short quiz in the econnect account. The student must print the confirmation page displayed at the end of the quiz. The PAA activity can be completed individually or during a scheduled time on the Bishop Lynch campus. 

Deadline for new Dual Enrollment students paperwork is Friday, March 3rd

Requirements for Currently Dual Enrolled Students

If you were dual enrolled in a class during the Fall 2016 semester OR the Spring 2017 semester AND intend to dual enroll in the Fall 2017 semester, please fill out a High School Enrollment Form and return to Mrs. Malouf in Guidance. You do not need to complete the entire application process again.

•  If you dual enrolled in the Fall 2016 semester but not the Spring 2017 semester AND do not intend on dual enrolling until Spring 2018, you WILL need to complete the entire application packet again.

Dual Enrollment Questions:

Jan Hublein, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, 214-324-3607, ext. 4132
Pam Malouf, Guidance Registrar/Administrative Assistant, 214-324-3607, ext. 4113

NHS Tutoring 2016-2017

Please Note: NHS TUTORING had moved to a new location. Tutoring is held in the tutoring rooms located inside of the commons.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Mornings
7:45-8:10 a.m. — Tutoring rooms located inside of the commons.

Late Arrival Days:  8:45-9:15 am— Rm. 102

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Afternoons
3:45-4:15 p.m. — Tutoring rooms located inside of the commons.



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An Important Reminder from the Department of Tuition and Registration

Tuition, Technology and Senior Fee is due by 5/31/17 

2017/2018 Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee            

$415 single/$530 multiple

$80 late registration fee

International Student Registration Fee $7,500

Technology Fee
(all students)


Senior Fee
(Class of 2017)


Tuition Deposit
(Freshmen & Transfers only)




Late Tuition Fee



Financial Aid Deadline was February 14, 2017

Decision Letters will be mailed/emailed sometime in March to all families that applied for financial aid for the 2017-2018 school year. Please submit your 2015 tax return and 2016 W-2s.

Have you made your monthly payment?

ACH debits are processed on the 15th of each month, with the last debit taking place on April 17, 2017. At any time, you may make additional payments payable to Bishop Lynch to reduce your monthly amount.  Below is the list of dates the accounts will be drafted. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

March 15, 2017
April 17, 2017

If you pay monthly to the Business Office, please make sure you are current with your payments to avoid any disruptions. Tuition and MyKidsSpending accounts must be current by March 20, 2017.

2017/2018 school year funding option:

Method 1 - Monthly ACH Debit

ACH debit from checking or savings - Deadline 4/12/17. 11 monthly payments 6/15/17 thru 4/16/18.  The annual enrollment fee of $100 will be debited (separately) with the first month’s tuition payment on 6/15/17.  The technology fee and/or the senior fee will be rolled together with the tuition if they are not paid by May 31, 2017.  If you are currently enrolled in the ACH program, you will be automatically enrolled for the 2017/2018 year.  If you choose not to fund via this option for the next school year, it is the financial responsible parties obligation to contact the Department of Tuition to cancel this option. 

Method 2 - Check, Cash** or Money Order 

Check/Cash**/Money Order - Deadline 5/31/17.  Cash must be exact change.
**Bishop Lynch High School must submit Form 8300 to the IRS for receipt of any cash or money order for tuition payment of/or equal $10,000 or more.  Please be prepared to submit Social Security Number and a form of I.D. for reporting purposes.  Further information can be found here.

Method 3 - Your Tuition Solution

Your Tuition Solution - Deadline 5/31/17.  A 3rd party loan option with 24-84 month extended payment plans.  Visit, or download their brochure or info sheet for more information.

Dates to Remember:

February 21st –Current student registration due
March – Admissions acceptance letters and financial aid letters mailed
April 12th –New ACH forms due (this is only if you are not currently enrolled)
May 31st – Tuition Due in Full

Please direct any questions or concerns to Betsy Arciniega x 4104 or Thank you! 



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Note: Unfortunately, we cannot post every story, but will do our best to release them all in a timely manner. Submissions without a full, edited paragraph and a high-quality photo (if appropriate) will not be posted.

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